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Tue Sep 11 12:16:29 PDT 2007

I can assure you we will remember the last election and what it has cost 
the city and the turn out for anyone except those on the council today 
will be big. The last 'group' has more than made its mark on the area and 
it is time for change. The rights of those who OWN the property does need 
to have some meaning not just neighborhoods that want to control how the 
city grows only in their little pocket. Everyone has rights and an ability 
to control 'party houses' would go a lot further than controlling the 
whole for the few. We have some needs here and they are not being met with 
the current mayor or council. Yes we need to remember the upcoming 

> [As published as a letter to the Daily News today]
> The Greater Moscow Alliance is making a well-financed push to take over 
> Moscow City Council in November, and voters need to pay attention.
> The GMA gave us another example of its skewed priorities at the City 
> Council meeting on Sept. 4.  The Council invited public comments on the 
> "boarding house ordinance" that has been drafted to deal with absentee 
> investors who buy up houses in single-family neighborhoods and rent them 
> rowdy crowds of college students.
> One after another, residents told horror stories of how their 
> family-friendly neighborhoods have been degraded by this process of 
> commercial exploitation.  But a GMA representative got up and read a 
> statement opposing the ordinance because it might limit the "property 
> rights" of absentee landlords.  Never mind the rights of ordinary 
> to protect the character of their neighborhoods  what matters to GMA is 
> right to maximize profits.
> I hope voters will remember this in November.  The GMA candidates are 
> well-meaning guys (yes, they're all guys), but do they share GMA's 
> pro-development philosophy?  When they have to choose between "property 
> rights" and the quality of life in Moscow's neighborhoods, which do you 
> think they will choose?
> Jack R. Porter
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