[Vision2020] Denmark is among the top ten capitalist countries in the world

Kai Eiselein, editor editor at lataheagle.com
Mon Sep 10 14:24:38 PDT 2007

Nick, please point out were I stated Denmark is not a capitalist country.
I stand by my statement that familial lineage is still a factor in how far 
one can go in European societies, based on conversations with friends from 
the UK.
They've all expressed amazement at the fact that Americans judge one another 
not on lineage, but one one's own actions/accomplishments.
Your idea that the US would do well to have a monarch as a national 
spokesman is rather simplistic, really.
Where would we, as Americans, find a monarch to represent us all?
Would he/she be white? Hispanic? Black? Oriental? Middle Eastern? Native 
American? If native, which tribe?
All of the above? America is far different than the single-culture societies 
of Europe. (Yes, I know there are some differences in different regions 
within a country)
Then there is the difference in geographic size. While it might be simple to 
represent single, national products such as hams and jams, it would be much 
more difficult here.
Would this monarch be the face of Florida oranges..... or California 
oranges? Idaho wheat or Kansas wheat? Atlantic or Pacific salmon? Viginia 
hams or Tennesee hams? Would the "Queen's Select" huckleberries come from 
Montana, Idaho or Washington?
The state of Idaho is about 5 times larger in area than Denmark at 83,642 
square miles. (Denmark is 16,639) If Denmark were a state, it would rank 
42nd in area, behind South Carolina (32,020 sq mi) and ahead of West 
Virginia, which is 42nd at 24,230 sq mi.
Perhaps, in the interest of simplicity, each state should have it's own 
monarch? (All rise for His Royal Highness and Grand Huckleberry Carl 

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Subject: Denmark is among the top ten capitalist countries in the world

> Greetings:
> Kai's comment that Denmark is not a capitalist country would strike
> the Danes as both strange and absurd. But many of them would not
> surprised
> at yet another example of how ignorant Americans are about the rest of
> the world.
> The only companies owned by the Scandinavian governments are their
> famous airline SAS and their fabulous train systems.  The Social
> Democrats have not had a majority in Parliament since 1966 and Denmark
> has been ruled by a center-right government for most of the time since
> then. (Similar governments now rule in Norway and Sweden.) These
> conservatives
> love capitalism just as much as they love the welfare state.  They
> have
> proved that there is no contradiction between the two.
> The Economist, a international free market journal, has concluded that
> seven
> European welfare states (including Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the
> Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and the UK)with highly unionized
> work forces are among the ten most competitive countries in the
> world.  Once far out ahead of the rest, the U.S. now ranks sixth in
> that study.
> My Danish friends are now looking up the exact amount of state support
> that the Queen gets every year, but they can safely report that Danish
> companies
> are wild about the Queen's success in promoting their famous products
> (ham, cheese, cookies, jam, etc.) around the world.  (Danish
> shipbuilders are actually competitive with Asians.) Danish business
> executives say that they get far more in return for increases in sales
> than the government gives to the Queen each year.
> If the Danish royals treated their subjects like serfs, they would
> have voted in
> a republic long ago.  The real serfs are Americans who put up with
> weak labor laws, low wages, poor health care, decimated pensions,
> which have been made possible by Republican administrations that have
> allowed American robber barons, 10 percent of the population, own 50
> percent of the wealth.
> And just how many of these fortunes are now held by people who have
> actually earned their way to the top? (Paris Hilton is just one of
> many examples of inherited wealth gone really bad.) We now know that
> fewer and fewer of these outrageous profits are being reinvested in
> companies; many are now just buying their own stock.  Too bad that we
> cannot vote them out of "office."
> Most Europeans would laugh out loud at Kai's generalization that their
> successes "are directly affected by your blood lineage."
> I've not yet seen any Dane bow before the Queen.  They love and
> respect her because she is a smart and accomplished woman who does put
> on airs and was the People's Princess long before Diana. It's a real
> shame that we do not have anyone comparable as head of state.  Hillary
> certainly has the qualifications, but as a political figure she could
> never unify the country as well as a good monarch could. Hence, my
> defense of constituitonal monarchy.
> Workers of America, Rise Up. You have nothing to lose except your
> chains!
> Nick Gier
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>> Amazing!
>> Nick decries the gulf between rich and poor in capitalist
>> societies, yet > touts the gulf between "royal" and serf.
>> Frankly, Nick, I'd rather admire someone who became
>> famous/successful by > virtue of hard work, tenacity and smarts
> rather than being the > result of sperm and ovum joining from a tryst
> in the "royal" bedroom.
>> To this day, in many countries, how you are percieved is not by
>> who you are or what you've done, but by who your father,
> grandfather, great-
>> grandfather were/did. Your chances of success are directly affected
> by your
>> blood lineage.
>> Maybe you are comfortable in prostrating yourself to another on
>> the basis of > "blood", as for me, I will bow to no man or woman.
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>> > Greetings:
>> >
>> > I will be in Denmark and Sweden until Sept. 19, so here are my
>> radio
>> > commentaries on KRFP FM 92.5. I've pre-recorded the last two
>> dealing with
>> > those two countries.
>> >
>> > I lived in Denmark for four years and this is the first time
>> I've been
>> > back since 1986.  I'm a little chocked up with nostalgia and one
>> of the
>> > things I miss most is living under a queen.
>> >
>> > "Lost in a World of Red and Green: Colorblind Males as a
>> Neglected
>> > Minority"
>> > www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier/ColorBlind.htm.
>> >
>> > "Here's to Good Royalty: A Defense of Constitutional Monarchy"
>> > www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier/monarchy.htm
>> >
>> > "IKEA: The Progressive Big Box Store from Sweden"
>> > www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier/IKEA.htm
>> >
>> > I will be following the Vision as best I can, depending on
>> internet
>> > connections.
>> >
>> > Nick Gier, the Palouse Pundit
>> >
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