[Vision2020] Denmark is among the top ten capitalist countries in the world

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The Danish economy seems to have enjoyed lackluster results for the 
past several years - GDP lags most central European countries as well 
as the US.


At 02:44 PM 9/8/2007, you wrote:
>Kai's comment that Denmark is not a capitalist country would strike
>the Danes as both strange and absurd. But many of them would not
>at yet another example of how ignorant Americans are about the rest of
>the world.
>The only companies owned by the Scandinavian governments are their
>famous airline SAS and their fabulous train systems.  The Social
>Democrats have not had a majority in Parliament since 1966 and Denmark
>has been ruled by a center-right government for most of the time since
>then. (Similar governments now rule in Norway and Sweden.) These
>love capitalism just as much as they love the welfare state.  They
>proved that there is no contradiction between the two.
>The Economist, a international free market journal, has concluded that
>European welfare states (including Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the
>Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and the UK)with highly unionized
>work forces are among the ten most competitive countries in the
>world.  Once far out ahead of the rest, the U.S. now ranks sixth in
>that study.
>My Danish friends are now looking up the exact amount of state support
>that the Queen gets every year, but they can safely report that Danish
>are wild about the Queen's success in promoting their famous products
>(ham, cheese, cookies, jam, etc.) around the world.  (Danish
>shipbuilders are actually competitive with Asians.) Danish business
>executives say that they get far more in return for increases in sales
>than the government gives to the Queen each year.
>If the Danish royals treated their subjects like serfs, they would
>have voted in
>a republic long ago.  The real serfs are Americans who put up with
>weak labor laws, low wages, poor health care, decimated pensions,
>which have been made possible by Republican administrations that have
>allowed American robber barons, 10 percent of the population, own 50
>percent of the wealth.
>And just how many of these fortunes are now held by people who have
>actually earned their way to the top? (Paris Hilton is just one of
>many examples of inherited wealth gone really bad.) We now know that
>fewer and fewer of these outrageous profits are being reinvested in
>companies; many are now just buying their own stock.  Too bad that we
>cannot vote them out of "office."
>Most Europeans would laugh out loud at Kai's generalization that their
>successes "are directly affected by your blood lineage."
>I've not yet seen any Dane bow before the Queen.  They love and
>respect her because she is a smart and accomplished woman who does put
>on airs and was the People's Princess long before Diana. It's a real
>shame that we do not have anyone comparable as head of state.  Hillary
>certainly has the qualifications, but as a political figure she could
>never unify the country as well as a good monarch could. Hence, my
>defense of constituitonal monarchy.
>Workers of America, Rise Up. You have nothing to lose except your
>Nick Gier
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> > Amazing!
> > Nick decries the gulf between rich and poor in capitalist
> > societies, yet > touts the gulf between "royal" and serf.
> > Frankly, Nick, I'd rather admire someone who became
> > famous/successful by > virtue of hard work, tenacity and smarts
>rather than being the > result of sperm and ovum joining from a tryst
>in the "royal" bedroom.
> > To this day, in many countries, how you are percieved is not by
> > who you are or what you've done, but by who your father,
>grandfather, great-
> > grandfather were/did. Your chances of success are directly affected
>by your
> > blood lineage.
> > Maybe you are comfortable in prostrating yourself to another on
> > the basis of > "blood", as for me, I will bow to no man or woman.
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> > > Greetings:
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> > > I will be in Denmark and Sweden until Sept. 19, so here are my
> > radio
> > > commentaries on KRFP FM 92.5. I've pre-recorded the last two
> > dealing with
> > > those two countries.
> > >
> > > I lived in Denmark for four years and this is the first time
> > I've been
> > > back since 1986.  I'm a little chocked up with nostalgia and one
> > of the
> > > things I miss most is living under a queen.
> > >
> > > "Lost in a World of Red and Green: Colorblind Males as a
> > Neglected
> > > Minority"
> > > www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier/ColorBlind.htm.
> > >
> > > "Here's to Good Royalty: A Defense of Constitutional Monarchy"
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> > >
> > > "IKEA: The Progressive Big Box Store from Sweden"
> > > www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier/IKEA.htm
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> > > I will be following the Vision as best I can, depending on
> > internet
> > > connections.
> > >
> > > Nick Gier, the Palouse Pundit
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