[Vision2020] City Council Election Predictions

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 7 21:03:26 PDT 2007

This election looks interesting. Here is my predictions for the outcome (assuming all the candidates remain the same on election day). What are your predictions?
  4 Year Seat;
  Wayne Krauss
  Aaron Ament
  Tom Lamar or David A. Uberuaga
  2 Year Seat
  Walter Steed
  Krauss and Ament are shoe ins 
  I think most moderate and conservatives will cast one vote for Krauss, and most liberals one vote for Ament. They are in. the question is, "Who takes the last seat?" 
  Tough Reelection for Pall and Lamar
  Interesting election this go around. I think Linda Pall and Lamar are in for a run for their seats. Anything can happen in this election. But I think Pall is in serious trouble for reelection. She must defeat Tom Lamar, David Uberuaga, and Dan Carscallen in order to capture the third four year seat. I could be wrong, but I don't think she can pull that off. Lamar is new, and has to win a seat with two other incumbents and a popular moderate, Wayne Krauss. I think he can beat Pall, but not Ament and Krauss. It could very well be a zero sum election between Lamar and Pall. 
  Riding the Coattails of Krauss: Best chance for Uberuaga and Carscallen
  I think the best chance for Uberuaga and Carscallen would be to ride the coattails of Krauss. His popularity, and a semi linked fiscal conservative pro-business agenda between the three could land two of the three (Krauss, Uberuaga, Carscallen) in the Council. 
  Walter Steed most likely to win 2 year seat:
  I think Walter Steed is a solid candidate, with good name recognition. I believe that the weakened MCA, strong name recognition, a good reputation, experience, coupled with Holmes scraping off a few liberal votes against a less established opponent, will give Steed a narrow victory. 
  I recommend that Moscow Vote:
  (4 Year)
  Wayne Krauss
  Linda Pall
  David A. Uberuaga
  (2 Year)
  Walter Steed
  * I believe if you vote for Lamar or Carscallen, you are also voting against Linda Pall, because that is who she will fighting for the third seat.


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