[Vision2020] Republican Party Looses Dunn (found it!)

deb debismith at moscow.com
Thu Sep 6 23:26:11 PDT 2007

So hard to let the great ones go.

Thanks for reminding us that powerful women have made a difference in the 
US. Jennifer Dunn was an amazing force, an inspiring woman, and on of my 
"she roes". I met her (somewhat more than many years ago) and was impressed 
by her compassion, decency, and commitment. She will be missed, both as a 
legislator and as a mentor.

Crying over losses tonight---Jennifer Dunn, Luciano Pavoratti, and my great 
Jack Cat (in descending order). It has been a day of losses....sad
Debi R-S

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> WASHINGTON -- Former U.S. Rep. Jennifer Dunn, who became the most powerful
> Republican woman in Washington state history during six terms representing
> Seattle's east-side suburbs, died Wednesday after developing a blood clot
> and collapsing in her Virginia apartment, said a statement from her 
> family.
> She was 66.
> DISCUSS: Remembering Jennifer Dunn
> Dunn, a favorite of both Bush White Houses, was the state's ranking
> Republican in Congress when she retired in 2004, turning down a plea from
> President George W. Bush to run for Senate. She told The Associated Press 
> at
> the time she was pursuing a new career as a policy adviser and planned to
> enjoy time with her new husband and baby granddaughter.
> Her son, King County Councilman Reagan Dunn, called the death "a total
> shock" and added: "She gave her whole life giving to other people. She
> touched a lot of lives and did a lot for her country."
> Dunn's political career was a series of firsts: first woman to chair the
> Washington State Republican Party; first freshman woman to win a place in
> the House Republican leadership team; and the highest ranking Republican
> woman in leadership as the vice chair of the conference.
> Former U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton, R-Wash., said that besides breaking the 
> glass
> ceiling for Republican women in the House, Dunn had a great personality -- 
> "outgoing and friendly and concerned."
> "She was a major part of my life as she was a major part of the political
> life of the state of Washington," he said.
> Known for her work to cut the inheritance tax, for promoting small and
> women-owned businesses, and for sponsoring the Amber Alert bill to locate
> missing children, Dunn was an influential senior member of the House
> Republican caucus. She served as a member of the Ways and Means Committee,
> vice chairwoman of the Homeland Security Committee and a member of the
> caucus campaign team. She was a frequent spokeswoman for the House, once
> giving the Republican response to a State of the Union Address by 
> President
> Bill Clinton. She helped run three Republican national conventions.
> "While I never took a pledge on term limits, I do believe that our nation 
> is
> better served if from time to time we senior members step aside to allow
> individuals with fresh ideas to challenge the status quo in Congress," she
> said when she retired.
> Bush praised Dunn on her retirement, calling her "a superb legislator and 
> a
> strong leader who has stood for the best of Washington state's values and
> who has improved the lives of its people."
> Gov. Chris Gregoire said that in addition to being a political leader, 
> Dunn
> "was a devoted wife and mother and always kept her family as her top
> priority."
> As the first woman to chair the state GOP, Dunn led the party to 
> significant
> gains in the Legislature, then repeated that feat in Congress, said Rep. 
> Doc
> Hastings, who succeeded her as the state's most senior Republican.
> When she was elected to the House in 1992, she was the only Republican in
> the nine-member delegation. Two years later, five more Republicans,
> including Hastings, joined her.
> Dunn's greatest accomplishment in Congress -- and a focus of years of 
> effort
> -- was cutting the inheritance tax, or what Dunn and other opponents 
> called
> the death tax.
> "She was a tireless advocate of that," Hastings said, adding that Dunn 
> also
> should be remembered for the Amber Alert law and as a strong advocate of
> free trade. Washington is one of the most trade-dependent states in the
> nation.
> She is survived by her husband, Keith Thomson; sons Bryant Dunn, Reagan 
> Dunn
> and Angus Thomson; and two grandchildren.
> J  :]
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>>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Congress looses two more
>>Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 11:46:26 -0700
>>That was former WA Representative Jennifer Dunn. Not currently in 
>>>Senator Craig Thomas dies; Republican Sen. Craig Thomas of Wyoming, who
>>>had been battling leukemia since November, died Monday night.
>>>A Republican Congresswomen died earlier this week also, of a lung
>>>embolism, but I can't find the story to say who it was...anyone else 
>>>  I just saw a brief news snip-it on Fox News last night but didn't sit
>>>and watch it beyond a couple of seconds and I can't seem to find it on
>>>their site.
>>>That makes 3 Republican Congressional's that have died just this week.
>>>J  :]
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