[Vision2020] Impeach Now!

Jim Meyer m1e2y3e4 at moscow.com
Thu Sep 6 22:27:54 PDT 2007

I haven't posted anything for quite a while but when I read in the 
Spokesman Review this morning that nuclear tipped cruise missiles were 
transported by a B52 across the U.S. today, I knew it was important.

It is just too coincidental to be a mere accident, especially while at 
the same time rhetoric from the White House is rapidly building against 
Iran.  It would be insane to use  nuclear weapons against  Iran. 
Unfortunately,  I believe there is already sufficient proof that sanity 
is not prevalent in the executive branch.

If it is possible for Congress to remove Bush's ability to start a war 
with Iran it should be an immediate priority. For ourselves, for our 
children, for every living breathing person on earth. We must work 
toward that goal. We must stop the insanity now.

Impeachment of both Bush and Cheney is absolutely necessary in order to 
prevent dangerous precedents from being set that could be used by future 
presidents to continue to destroy our democracy.

Impeachment of both Bush and Cheney is absolutely necessary now that it 
has been confirmed again and again that Bush know that Sadaam had no 
weapons of mass destruction.

The propaganda machine would have you accept an illegal war of 
aggression in Iraq by calling it a "war against terrorism." The 
propaganda machine would have you accept the use of tactical nuclear 
weapons in Iran. Open your eyes before it is too late. War in Iran would 
be a catastrophe of epic proportions.

Nuclear tipped cruise missiles may be on their way to Iran now as we speak.

See http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article18325.htm. Even if 
you don't believe this to be true, at least consider the possibility 
that those in power are counting on you to be too stupid and too lazy to 
discern the truth. Let's prove them wrong.

Jim Meyer

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