[Vision2020] Lost in a World of Red and Green

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Isn't Ikea Swedish for cheap particle board? After finally taking the time 
to read a Gier editorial all the way to the end, I'm amazed (not really) at 
the level of spin. Cheap, u-assemble, flat packed, furniture that's made in 
China from Wal-Mart is evil but slap a trendy sticker on the box that says 
Ikea and suddenly we are living with European flair and panache. Spare me.

Ikea offers no health care plans in their European and Canadian locations, 
relying on government provided services and that makes them superior to 
Wal-Mart which provides several levels of care options for its employees to 
CHOOSE from? I'm afraid that its hard for me to see you throwing that one 
into your plus column.

Perhaps what Ikea excels at is customer service? Please see:


I guess that one doesn't cut it either.

All in all, I'll take a home grown company and a local employer, selling no 
frills merchandise at a reasonable price, with a refund policy second to 
none over  the same product for a higher price from a company with a poor 
customer service record and a spurious "shared liberal values" PR spiel 
every time. You can keep the sticker.

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> Greetings:
> I will be in Denmark and Sweden until Sept. 19, so here are my radio 
> commentaries on KRFP FM 92.5. I've pre-recorded the last two dealing with 
> those two countries.
> I lived in Denmark for four years and this is the first time I've been 
> back since 1986.  I'm a little chocked up with nostalgia and one of the 
> things I miss most is living under a queen.
> "Lost in a World of Red and Green: Colorblind Males as a Neglected 
> Minority"
> www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier/ColorBlind.htm.
> "Here's to Good Royalty: A Defense of Constitutional Monarchy"
> www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier/monarchy.htm
> "IKEA: The Progressive Big Box Store from Sweden"
> www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier/IKEA.htm
> I will be following the Vision as best I can, depending on internet 
> connections.
> Nick Gier, the Palouse Pundit
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