[Vision2020] Flavor 32 - Stupid-Hard Up (with sprinkles)

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Tue Sep 4 16:43:59 PDT 2007

Roger Falen stated:

"Regarding sexual behavior, what is everyone opinion on the following-
On Sunday afternoon my wife and I were at the fairground setting up sheep
and goat pens for the fair. Two girls wer making out on the lawn( kissing
lips, kissing stomachs and laying on one another. One of them went into the
porta potty next to us. She used the men's urinal and made a mess

In my opinion, such extreme public displays of affection are inappropriate,
regardless of the sexual orientation of the "participants".  Concerning the
messy urinal in the porta-potty, if the young woman was responsible for the
mess, what action (against the young woman) would you consider to be
appropriate?  What evidence have you that the mess was caused by the young
woman and that the porta-potty wasn't messy before she used it?

Sidebar:  Are you suggesting, Mr. Falen, that homosexuals are messy?  If
not, what exactly are you 

Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

"We're a town of about 23,000 with 10,000 college students. The college
students are not very active in local elections (thank goodness!)."

- Dale Courtney (March 28, 2007)

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