[Vision2020] Flavor 32 - Stupid-Hard Up (with sprinkles)

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Regarding sexual behavior, what is everyone opinion on the following-
On Sunday afternoon my wife and I were at the fairground setting up sheep and goat pens for the fair. Two girls wer making out on the lawn( kissing lips, kissing stomachs and laying on one another. One of them went into the porta potty next to us. She used the men's urinal and made a mess everywhere. My wife used it next. She was not a happy camper.
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> Mr Craig says he is not a homosexual - I tend to believe him.  Performing a
> sex act on a member of the same sex, or having one performed on you by a
> member of the same sex does not make one a homosexual - it makes you
> stupid-hard up for a sex act.  I would say Mr Craig was simply stupid-hard
> up.
> Perhaps he has stated sometime somewhere that he thinks homosexual sex acts
> are wrong - I haven't seen it, so at this point I'm having a bit of a hard
> time seeing the hypocrisy.  Yes, he has voted against same-sex marriage and
> a multitude of gay rights initiatives, but I don't see where he has voted on
> laws banning sexual activity between homosexuals. For all anyone really
> knows, Mr Craig could care less what adults do with their private lives.  So
> until Mr Craig begins looking for a life-long companion of the male
> persuasion, I won't label him as a hypocrite, simply a guy looking for a
> (insert your favorite graphic sex act).
> It might also pay to note that Mr Craig's arrest for disorderly conduct had
> nothing to do with horribly lewd conduct such as foot-tapping and
> hand-waving, but his refusal to leave the bathroom.  Hey, I too wouldn't
> want to be hauled off until I had finished my business . . .
> GS

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