[Vision2020] Holy cr*p, Schwaller! [was School District Math]

Joe Campbell joekc at adelphia.net
Thu May 31 17:11:57 PDT 2007

Holy cr*p, Doug!

1/ I didn’t quote anything out of context. People can judge for themselves. You are just throwing out your holy-than-thou cr*p in an attempt to justify using the “Venom 2020” tag for another year and I called you on it.

Note to readers: “25 cents now, 1.5 million dollars later” is about as illogical of an example of the slippery-slope fallacy as you are likely to find!

2/ Of course you won’t meet with me, Doug, because “Glenn Schwaller” does not exist and if you did meet with me that would prove it. 

You say that I want to meet with you so that you can “Prove to me you're not Doug Wilson” but that is not the reason. I want to meet with you because your posts are long on wind and short on logic and I think that I might be able to help if you just gave me a few minutes of your time. I am nothing if not sincere. I have no reason to lie. It is my actual name below and my own reputation at stake. (Perhaps your friends are too afraid to tell you when you've gone too far but I am not.)

3/ A few more clarifications to your rampant, harmful rhetoric: I do not think that you are Doug Wilson and I never called you ‘Doug Wilson.’ Nor did I call you a coward. You seem to have a problem with details. You tend to regard all of those you hate as if they were one person. I believe that “Glenn Schwaller” is four different guys, two of whom are named ‘Doug.’ I’m playing the odds and directing this post to someone of that name.

Nor have I said anything about the Weitz lawsuit. In fact, I agree that vocational training should be adopted by the MSD and I’m sad that by using extortion as the means to justify his end, Dr. Weitz has caused an important set back toward reaching that end. And I’m not alone on this view.

4/ I have no intention of continuing conversations with you about social or philosophical issues on Vision 2020. If you want me to listen to you, you have to meet me face-to-face. Again, I realize this puts you in a spot, seeing how you don’t exist, but (a) I spent a lot of time preparing a post that critiqued your views on abortion, which you simply ignored, and (b) your posts are so long-winded and illogical that it pains me to read them. I’d rather meet you face-to-face, so that I can point out the fallacies as they go and spare the Vision 2020 readers further long-winded posts of my own.

I’ll be at the One World Café from noon to 2 pm tomorrow. Doug Farris, who I actually like, imagines that I’m simply waiting for you. I know you won’t show but I have plenty of work to do and I enjoy the atmosphere.

All the best, Joe


Mr Campbell,

There seems to be a pattern in this venue to select a key point or
phrase in a post and present it out of context.  I'm probalby guilty
of that as well, but I attempt to avoid doing so purposefully.  That
pattern seems a bit illogical to me, but hey, I haven't been teaching
logic for 25 years . . .

You seemed to have missed or neglected I mentioned in my post that,
yes - it IS only 25 cents.  To refresh your memory let me quote from
that post:

" Well, 25 cents now, 1.5 million dollars later.  It's not the
case-in-point incident that is so nefarious; it's the precedent it
sets that can be damaging."

This is the very issue those who support / agree with / UNDERSTAND /
defend  Dr Weitze's case are arguing.  Others have written more
succinctly than I on that topic and I will not belabor it further.

I beliveve I have explained how I know so much about Mr Sitler.  I was
reluctant to do so because I was quite certain of the firestorm it
would produce and the associated accusations / name-calling /
"illogical" jumps to conclusions which did indeed happen.  And, as I
suspected, it turned out to be something many of you did not want to
hear, even after BEGGING me to tell you.  That seems a bit illogical
to me as well.

I don't know how long NSA has been downtown because, well, I don't
know.  I could look it up I suppose, but I didn't think it necessary.

Against my better judgement, I was not going to address this (it
struck me as the geek who stole your prom date being called out by the
high-school bully) but I shall:  I have chosen NOT to meet with you
because, quite simply, I see no purpose in doing so.  Your primary
motive seems to be "Prove to me you're not Doug Wilson.  Or Steven
Sitler.  Or Rush Limbaugh.  Or the anti-Christ."  Where is the logic
in that?  I could perhaps send a ringer in my place.  Are you going to
ask to see my driver's license?  My birth certificate?  My green card?
 Pinkie swear?

You may call me a coward if you wish.  Better yet point your finger
and say "See!  I told you so!  This proves my point!"  After doing so,
I would suggest you go dust off that introductory logic text and do a
bit more reading.  Maybe I should meet with you if for no other reason
than to give you several copies (you may distribute them to your
friends) of my favorite bumper sticker:

Don't Confuse Me With Facts - My Mind Is Made Up

That being said, for the record:

1.  I am NOT Doug Wilson.  I've never met Doug Wilson
2.  I am NOT affiliated in any way with NSA, Christ Church, Logos
School nor anything that (as far as I know) is tied to those
institutions.  I do, however, frequent Bucers.
3.  I am NOT Steven Sitler, (I'm not sure if he's allowed to go inot
Bucers . . .) nor a friend nor family member.
4.  I don't know "where in the public record one may confirm that I
have "worked for several months with Mr Sitler and other sex offenders
in our area."  The names of Mr. Sitler's doctors, counselors, and
therapists are matters of public record."  However, public records are
not all-inclusive.
5.  I'm not even Gerald Weitz


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