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Glenn Schwaller vpschwaller at gmail.com
Thu May 31 13:42:55 PDT 2007

I don't think the article was intended to portray Muslims as in
general as a runaway group of violent antisocial psychopaths.  Further
on in the article it does say there was a "riot which was joined by
Muslim EXTREMISTS (MY CAPS), resulting in Oluwasesin being beaten to

I don't know what the Muslim belief is regarding a non-Muslim touching
the Quran or other Islamic icons, but I suspect it is considered a
desecration.  Are there specific rituals for cleansing or destroying
desecrated items?  I will agree with Mr Gier that Islam in its
intended form, is a religion of peace.  It i's a small (relatively I
hope) but very vocal minority of extremists that paint it with a brush
of violence and intolerance.

Does the Quran or Islam have specific, non-violent methods for dealing
with those who inadvertently desecrate something?  Can we get some
clarification from a Muslim in the community?


On 5/31/07, heirdoug at netscape.net <heirdoug at netscape.net> wrote:
> This is dedicated to Nick Gier who still believes that Islam is a
> religion of peace!
> Nigerian Christian Teacher Beaten, Stoned, & Burned to Death by Muslim
> Students
> From the Voice of the Martyrs April 03, 2007 newsletter:
> Teacher Killed by Muslim Students - Compass Direct News/VOM Sources
> On March 21, 2007, Christianah Oluwasesin, a teacher at a secondary
> school in Northern Nigeria was beaten, stoned and burned by Muslim
> students over claims she desecrated the Quran. According to a Compass
> Direct News report, Oluwasesin was supervising a final examination on
> Islamic religious knowledge when she collected papers, books and bags
>  from the all-girls class and in accordance with school procedure and
> dropped them in front of the class to prevent cheating. According to
> another teacher, soon after Oluwasesin dropped the bags in front of the
> class, one of the girls began to cry. She told her classmates she had a
> copy of the Quran in her bag, that Oluwasesin touched the bag and by
> doing so had desecrated the Quran, since she was a Christian. This led
> to a riot which was joined by Muslim extremists, resulting in
> Oluwasesin being beaten to death. They brought old mats to where her
> body was, placed dirt on her corpse and then burned it. The Voice of
> the Martyrs has met with her husband and is supporting her family. Pray
> God will comfort Oluwasesin's family and for her testimony to those
> that killed her, that it will bring them into the knowledge of Jesus
> Christ. 2 Corinthians 1:5
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