[Vision2020] A Contemplation for Mr. Schwaller

Glenn Schwaller vpschwaller at gmail.com
Thu May 31 13:19:20 PDT 2007

Dear Mr Herodotus,

Perhaps you should read posts before making them.  I do not believe my
posts have been All About Doug, but you certainly seem to want to make
them as such.

"There actually are other people who live in this universe and your
actions really do affect them."

Which is precisely why I answered Mr Hansen's request on registration,
domicile, and freedom to move about the community, prior to Mr
Sitler's release.  I attempted to stay "on task" and offer the
community what I knew to be relevant to Mr Sitler's release, and the
role Probabtion and Parole plays, and the role the community could
play (within the constraints the law allows), in monitoring Mr Sitler
actions.  To my knowledge, none of that information was false,
misleading, or inaccurate.  It was not intendend to tell the community
"You have nothing to worry about" although a number of Visionaries
twisted and still twist it to make it seem that way.

Many people have read my posts and not responded one way or the other.
 I choose to think a majority have found them helpful, enlightening,
informative and educational.  I think it is a small but extremely
vocal minority who are poisoning the well.

The legal system doesn't function perfectly, and Mr Sitler's case is a
good example.  Unfortunately, where things are now is where they are,
and no matter how much you or I or anyone else want to make it
different, we cannot.  Mr Sitler is out and on probation.  We cannot
change the conditions of his probation.   We can do nothing about him
being out unless we see him violate the conditions of his probation
and report him.  You and others may not like that, but it is what it
is.  I will repeat myself:  I have attempted to tell you what those
conditions are, and how he will be monitored - not to put you at ease
but to put you on guard.  These are the things he can do.  These are
the things he cannot do.  He (and other released offenders) may follow
those restrictions, he (and they) may not.  It is hoped we know now
what we can do legally and what to look for when we see these
individuals out in public so we can report any questionable actions or

If providing this information to the community has been a disservice,
I am truly sorry.  I know we are all tired of this nitpicking, and
unless someone has some specifc questions regarding the conditions of
Mr Sitler's and others' release, or related topics, I shall NOT revist
this issue.


On 5/31/07, Bob Herodotus <bherodotus at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Schwaller,
> You will recall that two days ago, you stated that you "worked for several
> months with Mr Sitler and other sex offenders in our area," and I asked you
> to show me where in the public record I could substantiate this claim.
> So while you search for an answer, there's something I'd like you to
> consider. You see, many of us don't understand your shtick because on the
> one hand, Steven Sitler committed abominations that no one can comprehend,
> but on the other, you find this an occasion to act flip and cavalier, as
> though his crimes were nothing more than someone's failure to watch their
> henhouse. Everything from your sloppy (but deliberate) spelling and
> punctuation errors to your inane tag lines, it appears as though this is one
> big game of "watch me be clever" to you. And now we learn that someone as
> glib and irresponsible as you "worked for several months with Mr Sitler and
> other sex offenders in our area," that is, if we should believe you. If your
> claim is true, surely even you can understand how the local community finds
> this disturbing.
> Of course, this last telegraph gave it all away and everyone has connected
> the dots from your profile — smart ass with personal access to Sitler — to
> the dots of the only man in the public record who fits that profile. But it
> is no more comforting to realize that you still think this a trite matter.
> Once again, I believe that this was the thought that moved Tom Hansen and
> Wayne Fox to make their outrageous suggestion. And once again, they don't
> realize that your offspring matters no more to you than your flock's —
> because IT'S ALL ABOUT DOUG.
> So I offer these thoughts to you with the hope that somehow you could begin
> to reflect upon your malignancy. This is not a game.. Just look in the faces
> of those children and project forward into their haunted futures. If that
> doesn't persuade you, then ask their parents if they think the Glenn
> Schwaller Show is funny, because I seriously doubt they know about your
> antics. They exist in their own private hell, working each day to remove
> Sitler's stains from their children. I'm sure that's one reason they moved;
> of course the other reason probably relates to his early release, which was
> due in large part to their incompetent attorney and their pigheaded pastor.
> But if the victims don't move you, then perhaps you could give your pal RC
> Jr a call to get his opinion. I doubt he's laughing with you, just as I
> doubt Jack Bradley laughed when he learned about West Virginia from Pooh's
> Think. I know his overseer didn't think it was funny.
> So give it a thought, Mr. Schwaller. There actually are other people who
> live in this universe and your actions really do affect them.
> And don't forget to point us to the public record that verifies you "worked
> for several months with Mr Sitler and other sex offenders in our area." It
> will go a long way toward rehabilitating your credibility.
> Thanks
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