[Vision2020] Han-pster sniffs again!

Kai Eiselein, editor editor at lataheagle.com
Thu May 31 10:48:09 PDT 2007

Joe Campell has one quality that sets him above and apart from the rest.
He's an Arizona Wildcats fan.
GO CATS!!!!!!!!

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>I find it very humorous to see the intolerista chief assigner of
> nicknames,
> Tom “the Han-pster” Hansen, giving a new intolerant name to Glenn
> Scwaller.
> If this list was limited to “only” attacking those with real names then
> Charlie Nolan and Joan would never get to post anything. Michael
> Metzler would no
> longer be a "bear with little brains" and Jackie Woolf would be just
> that
> Jackie Woolf and not J. “the pirate” Ford and as for the “letter with
> out merit”
> the coward just found a home here with the other cowards.
> As for watching poor “professional philosopher” Joe Campbell sitting at
> One World
> all alone with nothing to do... that was the funniest of all!
> doug!
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