[Vision2020] Three Questions for Schwaller

Joe Campbell joekc at adelphia.net
Wed May 30 08:07:27 PDT 2007

Mr. Schwaller,

1/ Why the heck do you keep writing long posts
if you are of the "opinion" that, or if it "seems to you"
that, "arguments are useless when it comes to 
changing one's beliefs"? (The quotes are from your
last post to me.)

2/ In a recent post about Sitler, you wrote:

"My point was, I don't believe it is possible to give you
a definitive answer.  Be it sex offenders in general or
pedophiles in specific, the numbers are all over the place."

Why did you then continue to list a whole bunch of statistics
on the matter, picking the ones that suit your case best?

(I guess we know the answer to that question!)

3/ Why won't you meet me in person? At first it was merely
a challenge but, I have to tell you, after reading your last
few posts you are in need of some serious help. You have
absolutely NO understanding of the basic rules of logic. It
is almost as if you say whatever you please without any
regard to common-sense standards of reasoning and debate.

You also have this annoying habit of using the skeptic-card
whenever it suits your advantage. Yet when it is your turn
to speak, suddenly dogmatic knowledge is available in 

I have been teaching logic for about 25 years now and I can
help you. Furthermore, I have a deep understanding of the
history of skepticism and knowledge that, contrary to your
use of skeptical arguments, the purpose is to become LESS

It is not too late, Schwaller, but first you have to help yourself! 
Meet with me today at the One World Cafe at noon. I'll
be downstairs wearing a black hat that says 'HP.' I can't wait
long since I'm relatively certain 'Mr. Schwaller' does not
exist. But I promise to wait for 15 minutes or so.

It is time to realize that you need serious help and to take
some steps to get it!

Joe Campbell

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