[Vision2020] A personal invitation to Mr. Schwaller

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Mr. Crabtree,

If you grounded your arguments in reason, you might warrant a response. If your statements contained as many facts as they do false assumptions, an answer might be worthwhile. And if you could get through one post without self-detonating in cyberspace, an exchange with you could prove useful. But since none of these things are true, I wonder why you don’t point your cynicism at Mr. Schwaller, who put himself forth as an authority on the Sitler file and whose appearance on this list corresponded to Sitler’s release. Despite his expertise, however, Mr. Schwaller’s stories have holes that deserve note. Mr. Schwaller asked for it, and Mr. Schwaller is getting it. He’s a big boy; he can take it. In fact, the whole consortium is composed of overweight boys; they all can take it. They certainly know how to dish it out.

You remind me of Wiley E. Coyote of “Roadrunner” fame, who had a personal but inexplicable vendetta against Roadrunner, which continually compromised his best interests and always found him at the wrong end of a lit fuse. Regardless, you would do your blown-up credibility a favor if you familiarized yourself with the facts, which thus far appear irrelevant to you, instead of showing the world your apparent ability to recompose and rehabilitate after each self-ignited explosion, seen live every day on Vision 2020.

K A B O O M !


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It's rather difficult to take all the indignation and self righteousness expressed by a certain element on this list as seriously as one might otherwise. Why is Sitler singled out for all the condemnation (not that he doesn't deserve every ounce of it) when there has there been nary a peep when it comes to others who have committed the very same (or worse) crime in this county and also still reside here. Where is your "legitimate fears" when it comes to Michael Ashcraft, Christopher Busting, and Mike Brazington? Why are you not so vocally "concerned" about Robert Buckingham, Frank Burkgart, and Harvey Hamilton? What about the likelihood of reoffense for Michael Hardway, Dennis Hendrix, Wayne Jacobs, Knute Klingler, and Kevin Osterberg? Could it be that they get no Vision 2020 scrutiny and castigation because to do so would not further an agenda? I'm afraid that the pious blather that comes from History Daddy and his little band of likeminded friends would be far easier to
 stomach were it not so blatantly just another cynical means to an end.


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