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I forgot to ask, Mr. Schwaller, if you enjoyed meeting Joe Campbell at the One World on Friday.  I like Joe -- he's a great guy and a lot of fun to talk to.  I'm sure you're glad to have met him.  Oh.  You didn't go.  Huh.  I know Joe was hoping to see you there.Well, gosh.  I hope you're still considering my open invitation to meet for a cup of coffee.  Bring your wife!  It would be nice to meet you both, and maybe you'd be more comfortable answering my earlier questions in person rather than over Vision 2020.  I know we can all agree that the horror of pedophilia can barely be represented, much less contained, by mere statistics.  And since "mere Christianity" requires that we pray for all involved and trust a merciful God for restoration, my hope is that you would be willing to engage with the community from the heart and not from the gut; surely that would be an effective way to minister the Gospel of Christ unto a community reeling from tragedies both personal and communal.keely
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