[Vision2020] yak farmer to offer yak burger samples at Moscow Food Co-op

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Free Tibet Yaks! They are an endangered species.
  IUCN Status:    
   1960's - 1994: Endangered   
   1996: Vulnerable (Criteria: A1d+2d, C1)   
   2000 - 2004: Vulnerable (Criteria: A1cd+2cd, C1) (Population Trend: Decreasing) (IUCN 2004)   
  Countries Where the Wild Yak Is Currently Found:  2004: Occurs in China and India. May be extinct in Nepal. (IUCN 2004) 
  Population Estimates:    [Note: Figures given are for wild populations only.] 
      1995: A preliminary estimate of around 15,000 (Schaller 1998)    
      2003: Likely to be less than 10,000 mature individuals (IUCN 2004) 


Bill London <london at moscow.com> wrote:
          Idaho Yak Farmer to Offer Free Yak Burger Samples at Moscow Food Co-op

Yak farmer Tammie Damiano, of Tamarack Yak Farm in Santa, Idaho, will answer questions about yaks and provide free samples of her yak burgers from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 9 at the Moscow Food Co-op meat department. The Co-op is located at 121 East Fifth Street in downtown Moscow.
Yaks are a species of bovine native to Tibet, with many similarities to American bison. They are exclusively grass-fed, and their meat is low in fat and high in protein.
Damiano learned about yak meat when a friend with a health condition was searching for healthy alternatives to beef; eventually, she quit her job to become a yak farmer.
“Once you try yak, you can never go back,” she said. Damiano currently has 67 yaks; the Moscow Food Co-op carries Damiano’s frozen yak burger patties. She markets other yak products as well, such as fur fiber, hides, and manure.
For more information contact Damiano at 208-245-1349. 

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