[Vision2020] Making sense of it all

Mike Deleve coolerfixer at adelphia.net
Sat May 26 10:02:07 PDT 2007

In tossing the attack (for lack of a better term) around in my mind for days now, a Steely Dan song popped up from my memory and has helped me come to terms (a little) with the horrific events of a week ago.It gives a little insight into the mind of a truly ill person. I realize the song dates me but, oh well. I'm sharing the lyrics in hopes that it might help someone else heal.

Wishing everyone a much safer and happier weekend.



  Agents of the law 
  Luckless pedestrian 
  I know you're out there 
  With rage in your eyes and your megaphones 
  Saying all is forgiven 
  Mad Dog surrender 
  How can I answer 
  A man of my mind can do anything 
  I'm a bookkeeper's son 
  I don't want to shoot no one 
  Well I crossed my old man back in Oregon 
  Don't take me alive 
  Got a case of dynamite 
  I could hold out here all night 
  Yes I crossed my old man back in Oregon 
  Don't take me alive 

  Can you hear the evil crowd 
  The lies and the laughter 
  I hear my inside 
  The mechanized hum of another world 
  Where no sun is shining 
  No red light flashing 
  Here in this darkness 
  I know what I've done 
  I know all at once who I am 


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