[Vision2020] Memorial Day Parade

Joe Campbell joekc at adelphia.net
Thu May 24 12:30:08 PDT 2007

A friend of mine asked me to post this. Seems like a great idea.


Dear Community Members,

I have decided to organize a Memorial Day Parade. Moscow needs a parade and this Memorial day is the perfect occasion. I hope everyone is inspired to be involved as a participant or spectator. Currently I am planning this to be a
children's parade, although I do not want to discourage anyone's participation.

The parade will begin at 10AM and run from the parking lot at 2nd and Jefferson Streets, next to the library, up 3rd Street to East City Park. 

Any group of children, or other Palouse residents, wishing to march should contact me at 882-2598, or by email, so that I can compile a list of participants and assign procession placements. I will contact everyone during the weekend with number assignments.

All school groups, preschool groups, groups of neighbors, friends, coworkers, businesses are encouraged to attend and walk to show the community's support of its public servants. Anyone wishing to contribute decorations, flags, candy and other parade supplies should also contact me ASAP. Anyone who's ever organized a parade is welcome to let me know which details I am overlooking or call me with  brilliant ideas that will make this a special event. I would like to include music, either live or recorded, and would appreciate assistance with those details as well.

Also needed are names of Moscow public servants and military who should be recognized on this day.

Please forward this information to anyone and everyone!

I apologize for the incredibly short notice,
Kris Wallace

Joe Campbell

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