[Vision2020] Scam???

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Wed May 23 19:34:03 PDT 2007

  There is a Bryan Batt living in Boise;
  BRYAN BATT  (208) 325-8541 You could call him and ask him. 
  You can also try writing to Tom Thompson, the ISPA Director of Fund-raising;
  dof at ispaonline.org
  Of course the simplest thing to do is to ask them to send you one of their forms in the mail. If it doesn't look like the one listed on their website; http://www.ispaonline.org/
  don't send the money. 

Janesta <janesta at gmail.com> wrote:
    I just received a phone call from a Brian Batt, who says he is with the Idaho State Police Association, at the call center in Boise, Idaho, on Florence Avenue. He wanted me to give him a donation, and refused to give me a call-back number. 
  Don't know if this is authentic, or not... He tried to pressure me, but if you know me, I don't "pressure well" 
  Thought you all would want to know. I have reported this to the police, just in case.
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