[Vision2020] Scam???

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Wed May 23 19:12:37 PDT 2007

If/When I wish to donate to the police or fire fighters, I do it locally.
This way I am assured of two things.


1)  The organization to which I am donating is 100% legitimate, and


2)  The local police or fire fighters will receive 100% of my donation and
not a negligible percentage (if any).


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho



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I just received a phone call from a Brian Batt, who says he is with the
Idaho State Police Association, at the call center in Boise, Idaho, on
Florence Avenue. He wanted me to give him a donation, and refused to give me
a call-back number. 


Don't know if this is authentic, or not... He tried to pressure me, but if
you know me, I don't "pressure well" 


Thought you all would want to know. I have reported this to the police, just
in case.



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