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Rose Huskey has an excellent article on her blog, Cleaning House, that I would recommend to all Visionaires.  She talks about the recent stupidity in the legislature that once again leaves victims of domestic abuse vulnerable to predators and stalkers, and she ties in some facts about domestic violence in the light of Krystal Hamilton's murder by her husband.I sat down this morning to write much of what she said, and so I'll just add this:  Women, please tell!  If you're being abused in any way by anyone, PLEASE summon enough trust to tell someone.  It's hard, I know, to believe that there's a way out, but please know that there are people who will help you.Friends, please listen -- and believe.  ASK if you're suspicious, extend your hand if you're concerned, and trust that the woman telling you of her horror risks even more just by speaking it.  It's an uncomfortable subject, but your discomfort can be overcome.  Hers can't without your help.Pastors, stop thinking that domestic abuse doesn't happen in your congregation.  In fact, it is at least as likely, perhaps even more so, to occur in "Christian" homes, particularly in those homes that receive instruction on the need for strong male headship and "gracious" wifely submission.  Preach against it with as much vehemence as you preach against anything else, and examine your hermeneutic.  Does Scripture REALLY teach what you say it does?  I contend that it doesn't, if you believe that the Bible justifies patriarchy, hierarchical family relationships, one-sided submission, and any sort of violence in the home.  You hold the keys to heaven and hell in your hand.  Be sure of what door you're opening when you speak -- and when you're silent.Because silence kills, and secrets bring a harvest of degradation, violence, evil, and heartache in the very tidiest of gardens.keely
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