[Vision2020] In Support of Community Radio

Marc Lawrence msl at moscow.com
Tue May 22 07:58:05 PDT 2007

> Vision2020,
> I am writing to express my support and thanks to KRFP 92.5fm/Radio  
> Free Moscow for their exceptional community service during the  
> recent sniper crisis.  When our son, a University of Idaho student,  
> called  us from Moscow after midnight that night to tell us about  
> the  shooting, I was able to learn what was going on by listening  
> to KRFP,  whose volunteer DJ's stayed all night, reporting police  
> updates about  every fifteen minutes throughout the night as the  
> event was  occurring.  Tonight I was able to visit KRFP's website  
> and listen to their archived recording of today's press conference.
> Radio Free Moscow has been on the air since 2004, but many people   
> still have either not heard of the station or they're not sure  
> where  it is on their radio or what it's about.  A big part of  
> what  community radio is about is the thousands of hours  
> volunteered by  local citizens to make it happen. Thousands per  
> year.  Volunteered.   KRFP's efforts this weekend are a fine  
> example of what community  radio can be.
> Locally-grown, commercial-free radio broadcasts add up for the  
> community in many of the same ways that locally-grown food seems to  
> make more and more sense these days.  It's really fresh, produced  
> on  the Palouse by our neighbors and it supports the community in  
> which  we live.
> The radio station is at 92.5 fm.  Their program schedule, broadcast  
> archives and live internet stream are at www.radiofreemoscow.com  
> and www.krfp.org.  I strongly urge people to familiarize themselves  
> with the radio station as a resource for times when a local and  
> immediate source of news and information is needed.  Sometimes we  
> need to know now, not later, when the TV crews get here or the  
> newspapers are next  available.  KRFP was that local resource for  
> my family this weekend.
> Thanks again to the dedicated volunteers and station manager Leigh  
> Robartes at KRFP.
> Best regards,
> Marc Lawrence
> Potlatch, Idaho
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