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All on the vizz,

It has been pointed out, that myself and others should not have this 
discussion at the time being. That this is a time of mourning. I too feel 
sorrow for those closely affected, and couldn't give my condolences enough. 
This is a sorry time for Moscow, a time we can hopefully all come together. 
Its times like these that I feel proud to be a moscow native, when we all 
come together. Along with 9/11 when the country united.

If people feel our topic was uncalled for I am truly apologetic.


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>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] what he was shooting
>Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 17:22:05 -0700
>I truly wish a discussion like this would not take place now.  We've had 
>four people die from gunshot wounds over the weekend, including a friend of 
>my husband's,  and another is in serious condition.  To invite us to 
>picture the damage a bullet can do to a person is unnecessary, because if 
>we weren't aware before, we surely are now.  More important than the 
>velocity, caliber, and physics of a bullet fired from a weapon is the fact 
>that one just killed a cop, our neighbor, who gave his life to protect us.  
>Another silenced a woman who had suffered before from the hands of her 
>husband, another took away from us a dear, sweet man, and, finally here, 
>one ended the horror of a life none of us will ever understand.  There will 
>always be much to discuss when it comes to guns and people, but for right 
>now, couldn't we focus on never, ever, forgetting a time when the equation 
>visited us in Moscow and changed forever the relative innocence and calm of 
>our community, taking with it four of our neighbors and injuring two more?  
>We have families in mourning, a church shattered by loss, kids trying to 
>understand, and a community in shock.  Blood was shed and two lives were 
>ended at the church my family and I attend.  I don't care about the caliber 
>and power of the bullet; I care about appreciating the caliber of men and 
>women we have in uniform and witnessing the power of something much, much 
>greater than hot metal ripping through a chamber.keely> From: 
>theceo at optonline.net> To: areaman at moscow.com; vision2020 at moscow.com> Date: 
>Mon, 21 May 2007 13:11:06 -0400> Subject: Re: [Vision2020] shooter identity 
>. . . And what he was shooting> > As an expert I can speak to this and 
>you're still wrong. The Russian version> AK-47 is most likely the best 
>weapon in the world today. The US Army gave up> the M1 Grande which used 
>the 308 round to go to the M14 in about 1962 which> used the 7.62x39 round. 
>The difference is the 7.62x39 is a high velocity> round. If you shoot a 308 
>round through a 55 gal barrel of water it just> punches through to the 
>other side. Then if you take a 7.62x39 round and> shoot it at the barrel 
>and it explodes. The speed is so fast that hydraulics> come into play. You 
>can't compress water so the force blows up the barrel> before it can exit 
>the other side. Now think what that does to a person who> is 90 percent 
>water?  The round does a lot of damage before it exits the> body.  That is 
>still the round our army uses today. Now which one do you> think has the 
>power and inflicts the most damage?  In Nam the Russian AK 47> used a 
>6.2x54 round. If the communist fighter ran out of ammunition he could> find 
>a dead GI and take his ammunition and use it in his rifle because the> x39 
>was smaller than the x54 and would chamber. However it would not work> the 
>other way because the x54 was too big to chamber in a M16. If you are> 
>really this interested in guns you should go see your army recruiter he 
>can> sign you up for a fore year course.> > THECEO> > -----Original 
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>[Vision2020] shooter identity . . . And what he was shooting> > Vizzz 
>peeps,> > After watching the press conference, some of the events of 
>Saturday> night/Sunday morning have become more clear.> > With the initial 
>reports of the shooter using an SKS in the incident, I> was a little 
>confused and concerned as to how it was done, as the> 7.62x39mm cartridge 
>used in that rifle did not seem powerful enough to> have done some of the 
>damage that was said to be inflicted.  Now, after> hearing that the shooter 
>also had an M1A, which is a .308 caliber (a> popular hunting caliber), I 
>can understand a little better since this is> a significantly more powerful 
>round than the 7.62X39 by almost 1/3.> This would also explain a bit more 
>the difference in sound between the> shots fired earlier and those fired 
>later.> > Of course, neither of these calibers could be stopped by a 
>"bulletproof"> vest.> > I'm sure Tom Hansen can speak to this, as he's 
>probably had some> experience with the M14 (the military version of the 
>M1A) and maybe even> some time with an AK47 during his time in Germany.> > 
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