[Vision2020] Grief, condolences, hopes, prayers......

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SKS rifles can be easily converted to full automatic mode, although the
understood succession of fire could have been accomplished on

It is my impression that the shooter used 20-round clips as three empty
clips were found in the courthouse parking lot and that it was reported that
a total of approximately 75 rounds were fired (three empty clips on the
ground, with one clip on the weapon).

Tom Hansen

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Nick Gier,

Would any ban stop something like this?

I believe the SkS rifle is the semi automatic versionof the Ak-47, not fully

automatic. These weapons , I believe are sold with 10 round magazines, 
however bigger mags can be purchased anywhere.

I guess your question all gets back to wheather its the gun or the person 
who does the killing.


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>I join with all of you in grieving this tragedy, right here in our own 
>little town.
>Gail and I were in the sanctuary of the Presbyterian Church on Saturday for

>a memorial.  This morning there were some missing kids in my Sunday School 
>class (we are two blocks away), but five kids and two teachers had a good 
>discussion about how we can better secure our nation and our communities.  
>These young Unitarians are bright intellectually and emotionally strong, 
>but this hit them very hard.
>My heart goes out to the families directly involved.  I too am very proud 
>of our police force.  Dan Weaver is the finest police chief I've ever 
>One question: could keeping the ban on automatic rifles prevented the 
>buying of this weapon, assuming that it was bought in the last several 
>years?  20-30 round magazines are necessary only for war!
>Nick Gier
>>We never know, do we, when we will be called on to put aside those issues
>>which divide us and seek healing for ourselves, our community and the
>>families who have been so tragically harmed.
>>It reminds us to be grateful for what we have and to mourn together what 
>>have lost.  I think Moscow will never be the same.  This is the day which
>>all of us who live here will always remember as a defining and tragic
>>My heartfelt condolences to the members of the Police Force who have lost 
>>honored member, the Newbill family who has lost a loved one; and to the
>>other members of the hospital community and the civic community my 
>>for the response meant to heal the wounded and protect the rest of us.
>>And thank you Ghazi, for the beautiful words.
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>>Subject: [Vision2020] Grief, condolences, hopes, prayers......
>> > My Dear Community:
>> > Our daughter called from Atlanta this morning around 6.00a.m., and 
>> > "Dad, do you know what is happening in our Moscow?" Her words were
>> > frightening; the rest is horrendous news for our town.
>> > I have personally known several of our local Police Force. Having lived
>> > here and loved this community for decades, this is by far the most
>> > tragic event that I can recall. When
>> > some suffer, we all suffer; and when some die, part of us dies....and 
>> > agonize as to why......
>> > Our grief is enormous......heartfelt condolences to the family of the
>> > bereaved, brave Lew Newbill...and our most sincere good wishes, hopes,
>> > and prayers for the recovery of Officer Brannon Johnson.
>> > Let's also sincerely hope that a tragic event such as this can 
>> > all of us to think in terms of community harmony and to be genuinely
>> > more tolerant and accepting of others.....
>> > Ghazi family
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