[Vision2020] sniper

Saundra Lund sslund at roadrunner.com
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Just now from KREM, although they seem to be behind KXLY:

have surrounded a Presbyterian church at 5th and Van Buren in Moscow, ID
where KREM 2 NEWS crews have learned at least one gunman and possibly
another has shot at least one officer. The shooting happened just after 11
p.m. Saturday night. Law enforcement has not released any information about
the wounded officer. The Moscow Chief of Police advises all people who live
in the neighborhood to stay in their homes. Watch KREM 2 News for live
reports from the scene shortly and log on to KREM.com for the latest on this
breaking story." 

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This is on KXLY:
The Moscow Police Department says a shooter or shooters are near the Latah
County Courthouse. Multiple people have been shot. Police are telling
residents to stay in their homes between 2nd and 8th street.

keely emerinemix <kjajmix1 at msn.com> wrote:

	I'm monitoring the Lewiston Trib and CNN, but nothing new yet.
	Please, if you're reading this, pray for our police officers and
deputies, for any civilian victims, and for a quick resolution to this.
It's been going on for almost two hours now, I guess.  This is so tragic.

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