[Vision2020] "Weitz's actions 'reckless'"

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Bravo! Shirley Ringo comes through again.

I URGE you people to get involved with the MSD NOW!  Write, call, go to 
meetings and TALK TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVES and TEACHERS!!!  Go to the school 
YOUR children attend and volunteer as much time and effort as possible.  
What ever you choose to do....

DO IT!!!!!!!!  Get involved today, right now, this second.

J  :]

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>Subject: [Vision2020] "Weitz's actions 'reckless'"
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>Moscow-Pullman Daily News
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>Weitz's actions 'reckless'
>Prior to the levy election, Gerald Weitz called a school district
>administrator and invited her to attend a career fair in Pullman. The
>invitation was issued the day of the event. After hearing that she would be
>unable to clear her schedule upon short notice, Weitz determined she
>attached no importance to vocational education. A case of "telephone rage"
>followed. Reading from her notes regarding the exchange, the administrator
>quotes Weitz saying, "You'll never pass your levy. We are going to hold the
>district hostage. We are going to take you down. You'll never see your two
>Other individuals report conversations where Weitz discussed withholding
>financial support from the Moscow district to force agreement regarding his
>vocational/technical agenda. A majority of Moscow voters approved the levy.
>District administrators practiced due diligence by obtaining legal advice
>concerning levy elections, but Weitz is now using litigation to accomplish
>his goal of disrupting the District. It is a reckless action that will hurt
>this community, its schools, employees and their families, and children.
>Certainly Weitz has a record of support for children and education. He has
>served on the Moscow School District Board of Trustees. His support for the
>alternative school has been exemplary.
>Unfortunately, flares of impatience and temper occasionally negate his
>strengths. His record of service on the Moscow School Board includes
>petulant resignations when his ideas were not embraced.
>I would urge the following:
>- Drop the lawsuit.
>- Select a committee to complete an assessment of Moscow's
>vocational/technical programs relative to needs and interests of students.
>Prioritize and plan incremental steps to accomplish any changes agreed 
>- Legislators should work to clarify state law with respect to election
>issues Weitz has raised.
>Shirley Ringo, Moscow
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