[Vision2020] Happy "Mama's" Day!

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Wed May 16 05:54:36 PDT 2007

No-Clue stated:


"I happened upon your "tidy" little blog (without comment section) by
mistake this evening."


So, No-Clue, you "mistakenly" typed www.cleaning-house.org
<http://www.cleaning-house.org/>  into the address block of your web
browser.  There you go, Visionaires.  Proof positive that almost all of
No-Clue's accomplishments (for lack of a better term) are mistakes.


No-Clue goes on to babble:


"I am also glad that you continue to use private e-mails for your personal
benefit and that you continue to call me and my fellow members of Christ
Church, in so many words, racists and bigots."


For the sake of your groundless curiosity, No-Clue, those emails on Moscow
Rose's digital display case are a matter of public record.  As far as the
reference to you and your fellow members of Christ Church "management" is
concerned, you can't assign credit strictly to Moscow Rose.  There are so,
so many of us (and not just here in Vandalville) who willingly contribute to
the cause that is publicly announced on the initial page at:


http://www.NotOnThePalouse.com <http://www.notonthepalouse.com/> 


Heck. I can't even take credit for that site's purpose statement.  That was
provided a few years ago by Auntie Establishment (aka Joan Opyr).  Thanks,


Thanks for your interest, though.


Keeping in mind that "mother" is only half a word, "Happy Mother's Day" back
at ya, big boy.


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho


"Must we continue to patronize these maladjusted freaks who would pervert
society to reflect their own warped perspectives?"

- Tony "ToeKnee" Simpson (October 20, 2006)


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