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Tue May 15 22:48:56 PDT 2007

Dear Rose,
I happened upon your "tidy" little blog (without comment section) by mistake this evening. I thought I would read a couple of your latest communiqués for a laugh and comment on them here.
I thought that most of what you say about rhubarb "pie" very helpful. I like rhubarb in any form. What I found curious was your view about slavery, the "War of Northern Aggression" and the history that it spawned.
I wanted to know, you being a history buff and all, why you think that "the responsibility belongs to the confederation of slave-holding states" and not equally shared by the northern aggressor slave-holding states? (who by the way retained their slave holdings long after the emancipation proclamation and the end of the war.)
I am also glad that you continue to use private e-mails for your personal benefit and that you continue to call me and my fellow members of Christ Church, in so many words, racists and bigots.
Thanks for keeping up your end of the bargain and remaining the "Mama-Intolerista"!
"Sadly, he does not. Actually, most folks in Moscow, while regretting the necessity of the Civil War (and let’s be clear, the responsibility belongs to the confederation of slave-holding states), have adjusted to and accepted that painful but crucial decision made 146 years ago. It is incredible that a sentient adult, living in 2007, would cling to a contrary position. Unlike Hieronymous and his co-religionists, thankfully, most Moscow residents are neither disciples nor defenders of the Lost Cause."
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