[Vision2020] Question for Mr. Schwaller

Bob Herodotus bherodotus at yahoo.com
Tue May 15 07:39:20 PDT 2007

Dear Mr. Schwaller,

You would have "staved off some ignorance" and "offered up . . . factual information" if you had simply replied, "We may never know," and even then you should not have qualified your answer with the word "may" because we WILL NEVER KNOW what drives Steven Sitler.  This is because the man is a psychopath, i.e. he has no conscience and no compunction.  He lacks the moral capacity to feel right and wrong — and he is aggressive.  One public record (which the court has sealed) documented in explicit detail his rape of a two-year-old girl, in a room immediately adjacent to a group of adults.  "Perhaps perhaps perhaps," you find this flip.  I do not; hence my inquiry about the website in relation to the so-called apology.

At best, Steven Sitler did not comprehend that the photographs of victims on his website horrified normal, decent human beings, which is another way of noting that he is twisted at levels no one understands.  Consequently, "'cured' is not an option."  And as "cured" is not an option, then it follows that no one can ever trust him under any circumstance, which probably accounts for his constant need to have a chaperon, i.e. a court-appointed guardian who will insure that he does not wander near children.  And if the man is so untrustworthy that even "a distressed result from a polygraph is going to bring P&P and the court down on him like a ton of Logos Bricks," then it follows that no one should believe a word he says, which includes his apologies.  Besides, somehow the words, "I'm sorry I molested your baby," just don't cut it.

So it is laughable that you attribute remorse, "even if it was not 100% heartfelt," to a psychopath, and if this was not so serious it would be downright hilarious that you manipulated this seeming remorse into cause for demanding an apology from community members who expressed shock at the probation of a serial pedophile.

Since you represent yourself as new to the listserv, let me tell you a story. Years ago, Pastor Douglas Wilson used to berate this list with the question, "By what standard?"  I say "used to" because after hectoring and haranguing the community with his fixed biblical standard, he proved himself a textbook hypocrite when he applied a relative standard to justify the unbiblical thesis of his book "Southern Slavery As It Was."  It was really quite amusing, though the amusement didn't last long.  The poor fool ran from here faster than you can say "Edna."

I call these historical facts to your attention, Mr. Schwaller, to ask you two questions:  First, by what standard do you attribute "some modicum of sincerity" to an apology delivered by the psychopath Sitler?  and by what standard do you ask Messieurs Fox and Hansen to apologize?

Bob Herodotus

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