[Vision2020] taxes for the lower 40%'rs

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Yeah, right.


J  :]

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>Subject: [Vision2020] taxes for the lower 40%'rs
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>I will t r y  t o  t y p e  r e a l  s l  o  w  ! I will also give more 
>space between lines so that is will accommodate your reading habit.
>Pastor Wilson didn't tell me to read the quote that I posted. Nor did he 
>espouse it from the pulpit. Nor did he write it in on of his multitude of 
>books that he has written. It's author is a Dr. David R. Kamerschen, 
>Professor of Economics at University of Georgia. I suppose Dr. Kamerschen 
>being from the U of Georgia makes him some sort of a racist and therefore 
>counts in your reality.
>You really need to do more "Googling" before you show off your intellect.
>As to my living in Pullman and having knowledge as to the aviation workings 
>of Gritman... I was in town ( I am still allowed in Moscow aren't I?) and 
>actually observed it landing from the north. Areoplanes usually land into 
>the wind to give them the best lift situation. Mayhaps you didn't know what 
>that little wind-sock thingey was for other than a nifty decoration.
>Finally what's with the "Romey" quote at the end of your post?
>First:  NONE of you does any studying on ANYthing unless you are directed
>and told by Dougie-Boy to do so.
>Second:  NONE of you knows how to read ANYthing that Dougie-Boy has not
>given you on Sunday's on the back table.  If it's there, you'll read it
>because he says to.
>Third:  It is obvious that what you quoted was part of his speech/"sermon",
>etc. that he gives every year in conjunction with the promotion of your
>"history conference" that isn't really concerned with what really happened
>or the truth of history.  Dougie-Boy and you seem to think "history" really
>reads as "his story".....WRONG!
>Fourth:  Funny how you know when choppers are landing in/around Gritman,
>when you supposedly live in Pullman, Washington.
>We're gone.
>J  :]
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