[Vision2020] taxes for the lower 40%'rs

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I will t r y  t o  t y p e  r e a l  s l  o  w  ! I will also give more space between lines so that is will accommodate your reading habit.
Pastor Wilson didn't tell me to read the quote that I posted. Nor did he espouse it from the pulpit. Nor did he write it in on of his multitude of books that he has written. It's author is a Dr. David R. Kamerschen, Professor of Economics at University of Georgia. I suppose Dr. Kamerschen being from the U of Georgia makes him some sort of a racist and therefore counts in your reality.
You really need to do more "Googling" before you show off your intellect.
As to my living in Pullman and having knowledge as to the aviation workings of Gritman... I was in town ( I am still allowed in Moscow aren't I?) and actually observed it landing from the north. Areoplanes usually land into the wind to give them the best lift situation. Mayhaps you didn't know what that little wind-sock thingey was for other than a nifty decoration.
Finally what's with the "Romey" quote at the end of your post?

First:  NONE of you does any studying on ANYthing unless you are directed 
and told by Dougie-Boy to do so.

Second:  NONE of you knows how to read ANYthing that Dougie-Boy has not 
given you on Sunday's on the back table.  If it's there, you'll read it 
because he says to.

Third:  It is obvious that what you quoted was part of his speech/"sermon", 
etc. that he gives every year in conjunction with the promotion of your 
"history conference" that isn't really concerned with what really happened 
or the truth of history.  Dougie-Boy and you seem to think "history" really 
reads as "his story".....WRONG!

Fourth:  Funny how you know when choppers are landing in/around Gritman, 
when you supposedly live in Pullman, Washington.

We're gone.

J  :]
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