[Vision2020] Give Steven Sitler a Chance

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Fri May 11 16:25:06 PDT 2007

Mr. Schwaller stated:


"I assume you have been very, very careful in planning this, but you may
want to put some disclaimers on your flyers to avoid being perceived as a
harasser or intimidator, or driving anyone else to harass or intimidate.
>From the Idaho Code:   

'WARNING: This information is made available for the purpose of protecting
the public. It is not to be used for the purpose of harassing or
intimidating anyone. A person who uses registry information to commit a
criminal act against another person is subject to arrest and prosecution
under Section 18-8326, Idaho Code. . . . '"


What promulgates my publication of these flyers, Mr. Schwaller, is Mr.
Sitler's absence from the Idaho Sex Offender Registry.  If Mr. Sitler is NOT
listed on the Idaho Sex Offender registry, it is extremely doubtful that I
will be using any registry information, now will I?


The information I intend upon using is easily and readily available to
anybody with a pen, a few bucks in their pocket, and the knowledge of how to
complete a public records request.  I am simply going to reorganize
information that was legally obtained and is publicly available at:




Any other questions?


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho


"Uh, how about a 1-strike law. Death doesn't seem too extreme for a Level-3
sex offender."

- Dale "Comb-Over" Courtney (August 3, 2005) 


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