[Vision2020] MSD Terrorists or teachers?

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Fri May 11 15:33:16 PDT 2007

A friend of mine heard about MSD frightening the children from some MSD parents who emailed him. 
He attributed it to MSD trying to get the kids worked up, to get the parents worked up, to work-over Weitz. 
MSD is well known for black-listing parents. Neff just got his name on their black list…
The following letter to the editor appeared in Moscow-Pullman Daily News: 
Today, I learned about Gerald E. Weitz’s lawsuit against Moscow School District from my own children. While I am no fan of Weitz, I am even less of a fan of some MSD teachers and administrators at this point in time. 
All four of my children were told Weitz was the cause of them losing their books, schools, programs, labs, equipment and teachers. Four of four children in the Moscow schools a coincidence? 
That is no coincidence. How dare you? What right do you have to worry my children and hundreds of others in the community with your adult problems and demonize another person in the community? 
Do our children not have enough to worry about that you must implant into their heads that they have no future and there is an evil man out to destroy it? 
You may not ever use my children to fight your battles. Never! I never gave you that permission. 
Are you terrorists or teachers? Do not ever do this again.
John Neff, Moscow
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