[Vision2020] Bear Kills Moose In Driveway

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Thanks for the update.  If you hear anything, it'd be nice to know.  I just 
want to make sure it does not get killed just because....after alll, all it 
was doing was what was natural for it.

Thanks again.

J  :]

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>After checking around and making a call or two as of last night the bear
>is under close surveillance.  F&G suspects there may be a cub or two
>associated with the grizzly and they are not in too much of a hurry to
>do anything.  F&G had to relocate a grizzly that was eating from garbage
>cans in nearby Sterling, they considered that bear far more of a threat
>than the Homer grizzly.
>The Homer bear has returned to the scene of the kill a couple of times
>but the bear moved on each time.
>If I hear of anything new I will let you know.
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>An article in USA Today reported about a grizzly bear in Homer, Alaska
>had killed a full grown moose, dragged it a ways down a driveway, broke
>the moose's heart and ate it and then left the area...only to return
>later to finish its meal.  But, by then, the F&G had come by, taken the
>remains to a local village (SOP for this type of thing) and the bear
>from what I was told, being sought out as a potential hazard to the
>homeowners in the area.
>Chris, if you see this, can you enlighten the V2020 if the bear was
>caught and what its outcome may have been?
>BTW, the homeowners filmed it and have portions of the film on
>WARNING - this is very graphic.  If you have a weak stomach, you may not
>wish to watch any part of the film.
>This is one reason my family and I left Alaska...too many close calls
>like this one.
>J  :]
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