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Don Coombs mushroom at moscow.com
Wed May 9 12:35:41 PDT 2007

lfalen wrote:
> I have not seen it in the paper either. I thought court records were supposed to printed in the paper. A Genesee Fireman embezzled $24,000. His sentencing was supposed to be on April 17, 2007. I have not seen that in the paper either. There was a listing  that said a person who had evaded arrest was sentenced  on April 10 to 2 years in prision and fined (I think)$2400, Why arn't court records consistently in the paper or have I just missed them?
> Roger

The Daily News is special, because almost every other 
paper (and perhaps EVERY OTHER PAPER) in its situation 
publishes complete news of record -- court records and 
police records, etc. The Lewiston Trib does this for 
Lewiston and Clarkston, the Spokesman Review does this 
for Spokane -- and even for Coeur d' Alene -- but the 
Daily News has chosen to be special in this regard.

When the Daily News resumes publishing complete news of 
record, I will resume being a subscriber. So far this 
hasn't proved to be a successful bargaining point, 
however, so if you want news of record you might want 
to get your attitude registered with the powers that be.

Don Coombs

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