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Tom Hansen idahotom at hotmail.com
Wed May 9 11:37:59 PDT 2007

As of 11:30 this morning (May 9, 2007), Steven J. Sitler is NOT listed on 
the Idaho Sex Offender Registry.

Following Mr. Schwaller's fairly substantiated assumption that Sitler was 
released last Friday (May 4, 2007), why is he not listed on the sex offender 

The excuse that "maybe the registry hasn't been updated yet" does not hold 
water and definitely should not relieve our community conscience.  Perhaps 
Sitler shold have remained in jail until he is properly listed on the 

Mr. Schwaller goes on to suggest that SItler is employed here in Moscow.  I 
am not specificaly interested in where Sitler is working as much as:

1)  Does Sitler's employment entail customer service/interaction?

2)  Does Sitler's employment place him within proximity of children?

3)  Is Sitler's employment (in any way, shape, form, or fashion) affiliated 
with child day care?

In most states question #3 would be considered ludicrous.  In Idaho (thanks 
to our state legislature), it is a major concern.

Mr. Schwaller further states that Sitler is being closely 
monitored/supervised.  Is this supervision being maintained 24/7 or only 
until the bars close?

Again, as I have mentioned earlier, this is NOT to be considered persecution 
on my part as it should be a major safety concern of our community.  
Although I do not have any children, I have friends who do have children.  
Their concerns are my concerns.

Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

>From: "Glenn Schwaller" <vpschwaller at gmail.com>
>To: vision2020 at moscow.com
>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Quick Question
>Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 09:40:55 -0700
>Tom -  I did post something last Saturday to the effect that the best to my
>knowledge Mr Sitler is out under the supervision or Probation and Parole.
>Due to time constraints, I was unable to attend the hearing on Friday
>afternoon, but his car is no longer in the courthouse parking lot, so I'm
>assuming he is out and about.
>To my knowledge he is still attending therapy in Clarkston and Pullman.  I
>suspect he is on a short leash as far as leaving Moscow (or at least
>District 2) requiring him to notify P&P when he leaves and when he returns,
>and that he is within the time constraints P&P may have placed on him for
>traveling to and from his sessions.
>My understanding is that he is gainfully employed in the Moscow area.  I
>suspect if one is really interested in the details, one may call District 2
>P&P (208-883-3547) as a concerned citizen and see what information they can
>Alternatively (or additionally) one could email Murph at the Daily News and
>ask for a "what's the deal here?"
>One can also go to:
>and see if Mr Sitler has registered.  I'm not sure how long he has to
>register once he's out, or how often the list is updated.
>I find it a bit curious that there has been a considerable amount of
>"traffic" concerning Mr Sitler and Mr Wight, particularly considering that 
>other sex offenders have been released into the Moscow area in the last 2
>weeks, and no one has asked about those particular individuals . . .
>Hmmmmm . . .
>"Once upon a time there were cannibals; there are no cannibals any more"
>     Mark Knopfler
>On 5/8/07, Tom Hansen <thansen at moscow.com> wrote:
>>Quick question:  Is anybody aware of the results of last Friday's review
>>hearing concerning:
>>Steven J. Sitler
>>He has completed the one-year incarceration portion of his sentence.  The
>>review hearing was to determine if he should (or should not) be released
>>As Steven Sitler is a Level 3 sex offender, this should not be regarded as
>>persecution on my part, but a major safety concern for the community as a
>>I have browsed both the Lewiston Tribune and the Moscow-Pullman Daily News
>>for the past couple days.  NOT A WORD.
>>However, it should be noted that the Moscow-Pullman Daily News did report
>>NSA's commencement "book signing".  Is the Daily News simply unaware of
>>Sitler's hearing, or were they simply blind-sided and swamped by the NSA
>>book signing?
>>Tom Hansen
>>Moscow, Idaho
>>"Uh, how about a 1-strike law. Death doesn't seem too extreme for a
>>sex offender."
>>- Dale "Comb-Over" Courtney (August 3, 2005)
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