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Sorry, I am not involved with the MSD and don't have any answers for you. I do have a problem with thinking that beginning teacher should get more than $31,000/ year. Good experienced teachers should obviously get more. A lot of staff people with MS degrees at UI start at less than $30,000.  Some who have been here for over 30 years only make #35,000. Why should beginning elementary or high school teachers make more than long term UI employees.
I support Weitz in his stand on vocational training. I have no knowledge or information on anything else concerning this issue.

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> Realizing that Arnold is merely going to dodge my inquiries by responding to
> them with questions, Mr. Falen, perhaps you can answer:
> 1)  Explain to us how eliminating a much-needed, recently passed levy is
> going to improve the quality of education here in the Moscow School
> District.
> or
> 2)  Failing to respond to #1, above, provide example(s) how funds realized
> from the 1992 bond and/or 2007 levy were misappropriated.
> It is a simple matter of 1 or 2.  Either the MSD is not in need of these
> funds (1), or the MSD has misappropriated these funds (2).
> Tom Hansen
> Moscow, Idaho
> "I think one of the best ways to support education is to make successful
> private schools like Logos prosper through tax exemption."
> - Donovan Arnold (July 11, 2005)
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> Tom says that "one drawing card that attracts people to move to a community
> is the quality of available education" I know several people that are moving
> from Moscow to Genesse for that reason.
> Roger 

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