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Just a little reminder that MSD students routinely score in the top three or four of all districts across the State in standardized testing.keelyDate: Tue, 8 May 2007 20:25:30 -0700From: donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.comTo: thansen at moscow.com; lfalen at turbonet.com; the_ivies3 at yahoo.com; vision2020 at moscow.comSubject: Re: [Vision2020] Weitz  is a HEROTom Ivie,     Seeing that Mr. Hansen is unwilling or unable to answer my question as to why giving millions of extra dollars to MSD has not resulted in better educated children, perhaps you can explain why they are entitled to more money? If adding money worsens the education outcome, would the opposite help it?     Best,     DonovanTom Hansen <thansen at moscow.com> wrote:  Realizing that Arnold is merely going to dodge my inquiries by responding tothem with questions, Mr. Falen, perhaps you can answer:1) Explain to us how eliminating a much-needed, recently passed levy isgoing to improve the quality of education here in the Moscow SchoolDistrict.or2) Failing to respond to #1, above, provide example(s) how funds
 realizedfrom the 1992 bond and/or 2007 levy were misappropriated.It is a simple matter of 1 or 2. Either the MSD is not in need of thesefunds (1), or the MSD has misappropriated these funds (2).Tom HansenMoscow, Idaho"I think one of the best ways to support education is to make successfulprivate schools like Logos prosper through tax exemption."- Donovan Arnold (July 11, 2005)-----Original Message-----From: lfalen [mailto:lfalen at turbonet.com] Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2007 5:04 PMTo: Tom Hansen; 'Donovan Arnold'; 'Tom Ivie'; vision2020 at moscow.comSubject: Re: [Vision2020] Weitz is a HEROTom says that "one drawing card that attracts people to move to a communityis the quality of available education" I know several people that are movingfrom Moscow to Genesse for that reason.Roger  

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