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Mark et. al.

There are abundant opportunities for profit in the Green revolution, but a
regulatory structure needs to be put in place by government for the private
sector to function within for investment risk taking to make sense for
massive roll out of new "Green" technology.  As I discussed in my previous
post, if CO2 sequestration was mandated for coal energy production, with
some sort of cost assessed for CO2 output, this would encourage the private
sector to make profit off developing and implementing this technolgoy, and
give energy technologies that do not emit as much CO2 an advantage in the
marketplace, such as wind and solar.

As things stand now, coal based energy production can emit CO2 with no
penalites, and the energy technologies that do not emit as much CO2 are not
being rewarded financially as much as they should for their more
environmentally responsible energy production

On 5/8/07, mark seman <fcs at moscow.com> wrote:

>  Ted,
> I understand some of the "benefits" of He3 are: less energy is lost in the
> form of neutrons that escape magnetic containment and the containment
> mechanism is less arduous for He3 reactors.

There appears to be some conflicting claims on the advantages of He3 fusion,
given the quote below from the article at this web link that you offered for
info on mining the moon for He3:


There are, however, two drawbacks to its industrial use. First, the fusion
of deuterium and helium-3 is very difficult to start and sustain, requiring
roughly an order of magnitude more energy than the fusion of deuterium and
Anyway, till a practical affordable fusion reactor design becomes a reality,
we are dealing with a theoretical technology that, at best, will not become
widespread till the middle of this century.  ITER in France will not be
completed till 2016.

Ted Moffett
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