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If the complaints were anonymous how did you happen to attach names to them? Hire a psychic ? Also thank you for backing up my contention that the right mind site isn't blocking your home computer.

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  Golly, Gee, g -


  What can I say, but "Thank you."


  Thank you for your warm-hearted introduction.


  An additional "tip of the hat" goes out to Dale "Comb-Over" Courtney, who over the years has shown a fond attraction to yours truly.  He, along with his sandbox buddy "No-Clue" has filed anonymous complaints (yes, that's plural, as in more than one) with UI against myself, all to no avail.  


  Most recently he filed a public records request in attempt to access the hard drive of the computer I use at work.  How's that for being up close and personal?  As a result, one afternoon I and a representative of the UI lawyer's office tediously scanned (file by file, database by database, project by project, etc. by etc.) every bit and byte in my UI computer.  Nothing questionable was found.


  That said.  I do continue to access Courtney's BLog from home, though. And, although my home IP address ( is blocked from accessing Courtney's digital kitty box (the BLog), I do manage to gain access from:


  IP addresses thru (That's in Canada, ay?)


  IP addresses thru (That's down south, y'all.)


  IP addresses thru when I feel like going down under.


  And when I am feeling particularly European: thru for that Belgian feel.


  But then I always return home to because I miss it so.


  There are loads of other IP addresses (for some reason I like Polish sausages once in a while), but why trouble you with loads of nonsensical numbers.


  I really must go now, g.  Work, you know?


  Seeya round town, Moscow.


  Tom Hansen

  Moscow, Idaho

  "If I wanted to overhear every tedious scrap of brain static rattling around in your head, I'd read your blog."

  - Bill Maher 


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  To the very best of my knowledge Dale's site is open to all comers and has been at least since hansen got caught making the site the obsessive focus of his taxpayer funded job. I believe that the ONLY blacklisted computer on the Palouse is now the one at Our Shining Examples workstation. As an Idaho state taxpayer I, and I should think you, would thank him for that.


  On Saturday I spent no small amount of time rooting about in the right mind archives, researching an alleged injustice against one of the V's frequent posters. In the course of my search I found plenty of posted comments disagreeing with the sites positions. What I didn't find was anything that came up to the level where you (or Rose) think the censor's pencil should have come into play.


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