[Vision2020] yes, Weitz is suing Moscow School District

Sue Hovey suehovey at moscow.com
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Points to ponder:

1.  If Jerry Weitz believes he is acting in the interests of Moscow's 
children, why did he wait until his own children granduated before he came 
forth with the suit that covers the years they were in school, only after 
they graduated?

2.  If Jerry Weitz believes the levies were conducted illegally from 1992 
until 2007 why did he and Jim Demeerleer deliver a written threat to the 
school district stating that the district had until Tuesday to rescind the 
levy of 2007, and if the district did, they would not file a suit covering 
past levies?  If Jerry is really concerned about the legality of the levies, 
why try to blackmail the district by saying he would ignore issues which he 
contends were illegal?

3.  During the time Jerry Weitz was on the school board, why did he not 
publically broach his concerns about the procedure that came before him as a 
board member for 3 of those years in question?

4.  I have always known Jerry to be a man who wants his way and if he gets 
it he can be magnanamous, articulate, and pleasant to work with.   In the 
past, when his wishes didn't prevail he would resign from the school board 
and wait for those of us who appreciated him to urge him to stay on.  And he 
would stay until the next time he was crossed.  To say he has done much for 
the school district, is certainly true; but those energies were given with 
the assurance from the district that everyone understood, "he who pays the 
piper, calls the tune."

5.  To give him his due, Jerry has long been a supporter of vocational 
education and has done much to support those programs.  Why then would he 
pursue a course of action which could undermine the vocational programs he 
supported?  Cutbacks in budgets fall first on those areas not covered by 
state and federal mandates and the ISAT (the mandated Idaho achievement 

6.   How does one continue to believe Jerry Weitz is committing this act in 
the interests of Moscow's children?  He must be assuming he will be 
successful in his suit, the outcome of which could mean Moscow School 
District would be stripped of the monies from levies of the past 15 years. 
One does not have to have a very vivid understanding of school finance to 
picture the devastating effect on our students.

7.  I do not know the scope of Jim Demeerler's activity in all this mess, 
but historically he has been anti-tax no matter what the issue.  No doubt he 
sees it as an opportunity to get a refund--also after his own children 
matriculated through the school system during those years.

8.  The State of Idaho provides funding for a basic education and little 
more. The patrons who live within the district have consistently voted to 
tax themselves to provide more than that--smaller class sizes, programs that 
serve all students, highly qualified teachers, quite a number of them 
enthusiastic and fairly new to the district and whose next year's teaching 
job is now in jeopardy.  They have already been told they may not be 
re-employed.  Will they be willing to stick around here to wait till this is 
settled?  Would you?  A number of master teachers are retiring this 
year--six in the Junior High.  Who knows when or even if they will be 
replaced.  Because of this suit the district has imposed a hiring freeze.

One man seeks to destroy what the citizens in MSD have built.  He plans not 
to lose this suit, but he has already lost.  He has lost the respect of 
those of us who, even though we often disagreed with him, would not until 
now have believed protecting his ego was more important to him than the 
welfare of our kids.

Sue Hovey
Frustrated and Ashamed to Admit I Supported Him and OnceWorked Diligently to 
Get Him Elected to the School Board.......

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> Speaking in defense of Dr. Weitz, I think that he believes that he is
> acting in the interests of Moscow's children, and that he has done so
> consistently for years. I am quite convinced that his "heart is in the
> right place." Nevertheless, the news of his suit takes me aback. It
> seems bizarre to me. In the past Dr Weitz has posted on V2020 - perhaps
> he will do so now and explain his reasoning.
> Brent Bradberry
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