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Sorry -- I'll not be holding my breath.  I've long since learned not to
expect much news (especially accurate news) from the Daily News.

In fact, I've been giving serious thought to a suggestion Ted made a bit
"26. Go paperless. Consider reading your newspaper and magazine
subscriptions online."

It seems especially wasteful that so much paper is wasted reporting so
little  :-(

Of course, to me it seems quite a stretch to call the Daily News a newspaper
at all . . . 

Saundra Lund
Moscow, ID

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Referring to Mr. Schwaller's Point #5 --

Yes, that is sad.  Perhaps even inexcusable.  The answers to these and many
other questions strike me as the sort of thing that ought to be covered by
your local daily newspaper.  Maybe we'll see the answers in tomorrow's

Anyone?  Anyone?  



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	1.  I suspect one will find out if the No Contact Order will be in
effect at today's hearing.  Again, this will fall under P&P's jurisdiction
as well.
	2.  I'm not sure if there will be "national publicity" on this case
one way or the other.  Seems like there is enough of a problem getting the
MPD News to pick up anything of importance going on in the community . . . 
	3.  I'm sure if the court was not aware of the "trophy website"
then, they are now.  A good point on why they or law enforcement was not
aware of it at the time.  Seems like unless the MPD or LCSD is handed the
weapon in a murder, they can't seem to find it so I suspect the web site was
unknown to them. 
	4.  I guess one would have to make inquiries to the Prosecuting
Attorney's office and/or the court to find out what was going on in the plea
	5.  All very good questions - sort of sad we don't have a good
investigative reporter in the region that could answer these and other
questions in a neutral manner. 


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