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Wilson specifically wrote and stated that Sitler would not be allowed in 
church where some of his victims still attend.  Now, however, it looks like 
he will be going back even on this point.  Just like he did with Jamin.

What do you tell those victims when they see "the bad man that hurt" them 
sitting in the same pew as they are, watching them?  How do you explain to 
the victims, some of which are still under the age of 5, that the "bad man" 
has "repented" (after over 100 victims) and should be forgiven and allowed 
in church?  How do you explain to the victims that the "pastor" who was 
never educated in the pastoral arts, much less pedophilia treatment, will be 
the one "counseling" and monitoring this pervert that is now in amongst them 
on a regular basis?  And just who will be watching the pervert when the 
"pastor" is up in front of the "church", and the pervert is sitting deeply 
in the audience?  And just how is this perverts "pastor" going to monitor 
and maintain this pervert on a daily basis, securing the community and 
church that he and the "pastor" lied to for several months?

Squirm all you want, Dougie-boy....you lied when this first came up, you 
lied after the story broke, you lied during your "home-town meeting" last 
fall and you are lying to us now.  More importantly, you are lying to those 
children who are supposed to be able to look towards the adults in their 
lives to keep them safe.

Its getting hard to tell who is worse - the pervert or his 

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>Well like most legal issues, the answer is "It depends".  Strictly 
>if (s)he resides in Idaho, (s)he registers in Idaho; residence in 
>requires registration in Washington.  It depends on what Probation and
>Parole have to say about where this person can live, work, and visit.
>Depending on the nature of the crime and the person involved, (s)he may not
>be able to leave the jurisdiction, period.  I know of a case in which the
>offender owns property in rural Latah county, but may not be able to live 
>that property because it is outside of the city limits.  Other cases may
>allow the offender live in Moscow, but work in Pullman, requiring a travel
>permit to go outside of the state.  This would most likely require them to
>call their probation officer when they leave the state and when they
>return.  They may be given very strict limits on where they can go, or time
>limits on how long they can spend going from home to the workplace.
>Attending church, or going shopping will likely require having an approved
>chaperone accompany them if they are going to be in places that may be "at
>risk" (lots of definitions on what that means - questions?  Just ask).
>A specific case in point got yer curiousity aroused?

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