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Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 15:10:51 PDT 2007

Isn't this a perfect example of the "free market" I've seen you support 
in previous postings, though?  Nick charges what he indicates his 
renters find to be a reasonable amount.  If the price was too high, no 
one would pay.  Should Nick reasonably take a hit on his profit because 
some single income families want to rent an entire house instead of just 
half of one?


Donovan Arnold wrote:
> Nick,
> As I understand it, $600 a month for part of the house, $750 for the 
> other half of the house is $1350 a month. Is my math off?
> Count in w,s,g, utilities, and it is easily over $1500 a month for a 
> house rental.
> A couple with a child or two going to college cannot afford $1500 a 
> month.
> When everyone, including you, divides their homes up into apartments 
> to raise the rental value of a home to $1500 a month, you make it 
> impossible for single families to rent an entire home.
> You have to rent to 4 to 8 people because it is not affordable for a 
> one income family.
> In order for $750 a month to be affordable, that would be $9,000 a 
> year. Someone would have to net $30,000 a year in order for that to be 
> only 30% of their income.
> No statistics in Moscow support the claim that the average college 
> student with children does not make $30,000 a year after taxes.
> The math is pretty concrete. $750 a month is NOT affordable housing 
> for a family in Moscow.
> Want more math. If a college student works 25 hrs a week at $10 an 
> hour. That is about $1000 a month net income. They get the maximum of 
> $12,000 in loans, grants, and scholarships. That is still only $24,000 
> a year, assuming no missed work and they can find a job for twice the 
> minimum wage.  
> Moscow has no affordable housing for college family units. Dividing 
> housing to maximize rental income is the main reason why.
> Best,
> Donovan
> */Nick Gier <ngier at uidaho.edu>/* wrote:
>     Dear Donovan,
>     You are not remembering my rent figures very well.  Families who
>     have rented my 3-bedroom upstairs have found the $750 rent very
>     reasonable, and students who have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths
>     downstairs for $600 believe that they have died and gone to heaven.
>     By the way, the upstairs will be available for Fall semester and
>     the downstairs will be available July 1.  Please spread the word
>     and give anyone interested my e-mail address.
>     Nick Gier
>     At 09:33 AM 5/1/2007, you wrote:
>>     Nick,
>>     I didn't attack your house. I was disagreeing with you charging
>>     $1500 to rent a house in Moscow. In order for that to be
>>     considered affordable housing a family would have to make $4,500
>>     a month in net income. Those types of jobs are just not available
>>     in Moscow. Nor does a person get that much money in students
>>     loans, grants and scholarships.
>>     What you seem to not comprehend is that when you make rent prices
>>     so outrageous you make life very difficult, if not impossible for
>>     couples with children that would like to get out of poverty by
>>     getting a degree at UI.
>>     Sure, $1500 is affordable for 5 or 6 college students. But single
>>     families have to pay that same market rate. This was my biggest
>>     challenge as a student body senator, was trying to find adequate
>>     low income housing for single families. It doesn't exist. The UI
>>     family housing is full, and the buildings are falling apart, not
>>     entirely safe, and have mold and health issues.
>>     That was my point, and why I am angry about the situation. It is
>>     completely unfair.
>>     Best,
>>     Donovan
>>     */Nick Gier <ngier at uidaho.edu>/* wrote:
>>         Good Morning Visionaries:
>>         I'm just as fed with Donovan's tirades as anyone on this
>>         list.  (My favorite attack was the one on my house.  I can
>>         defend myself, but house cannot.)  Objecting to his insults
>>         and bad manners is one thing, but diagnosing his mental state
>>         complete with labels is another thing, even if he has given
>>         his own diagnosis.
>>         I would very much like this thread to cease immediately.
>>         Nick Gier
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