[Vision2020] 3rd St. Pedestrian Bridge

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Tue May 1 10:59:03 PDT 2007

The costs outweigh the gains of placing a vehicle bridge across the 3rd Street and Mountain View intersection. 
  Think, what do you gain. You gain an access point, but to what and at what costs to others.
  Taking 3rd Street instead of D Street or 6th Street takes longer to get to town. The width of the road, the right of way, positioning of stop signs, pedestrian traffic, and other vehicle traffic makes using 3rd Street a slower alternative. I suggest you drive this route:
  Joesph St. to Mountain View to 3rd Street. Time it. Then drive the distance from the end of 3rd Street to downtown. Time that and add the times together.
  Next, drive from Joesph Street to 6th Street, then make a right on Hayes, the a left on 3rd and follow it all the way downtown. You will find it took you longer to drive the Mountain View Route.
  The same is true with coming from the northeast side of town off Dst Street. It is faster to take Dst and go left on 95 than it is to take Mountain View and try to go right down 3rd Street. 
  There are no houses on the other side of Mountain View where it would be a quicker access point to use 3rd than either 6th or D streets. 
  The city would be creating another access point, but it would not be a faster or safer route. So it seems like a weak argument when you consider it would disrupt parking and reduce safety in the neighborhood. Not to mention the environmental impact problems to the creek and lightening of the taxpayers wallet. 
  I would rather see a bridge across 3rd Street/Highway for safe passage of students over the traffic. The City is working on the wrong end of the street.
Dan Carscallen <areaman at moscow.com> wrote:
  Cynthia asks:
"Someone please explain to me WHY a pedestrian bridge is being built at
3rd St. Please try to convince me that it's not to, once and for 
all, prevent an auto bridge from going there. What powerful people in
Moscow DON'T want that?"

>From what I heard at the Administrative Committee meeting last Monday,
if the placement of a pedestrian bridge is to either the north or the
south, it would not preclude the future addition of a vehicular bridge
in the future (a vehicular bridge is a part of the Comprehensive Plan).

One must realize there is some pretty vocal opposition to a vehicular
bridge there, which got it put on the back burner about a year and a
half ago. If a person is in favor of a vehicular bridge there (which I
think would work with some traffic mitigation), that person should make
their opinion known to the powers-that-be.


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