[Vision2020] Most Interesting Video I've Seen This Year

Sue Hovey suehovey at moscow.com
Sun Dec 30 16:06:43 PST 2007

Well I finally got around to watching it and find it interesting that  a man 
who is a free market proponent, who touts government non-interference in 
economic affairs except for government policies to protect the "free 
market," is the single person (except for Jim Hightower) whom I have heard 
state this case so clearly.  I can certainly be grateful to him for this. 
Loved his remark about people who criticize "activist judges."

This message adds credence to the idea that this president isn't stupid; far 
from it--but he's evil and a conniving *****.

It's critical for Americans of all political persuasions that we elect 
someone who respects the Bill of Rights, who gives Amendments 1 & 3 through 
8, the kind of attention the Bush coterie gives the Second.  Ron Paul 
certainly doesn't begin to be the candidate who respects the personal 
privacy so cogently advanced by Napolatino. As one example, his stand 
against choice for women is abundently clear.


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> On Dec 28, 2007 9:10 AM, Paul Rumelhart <godshatter at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> That was an amazing video, I suggest everyone take a look at it.  I
>> can't believe that the President pushed through a piece of legislation
>> on the day we captured Saddam Hussein that redefined the term "Financial
>> Institution" to include the post office, restaurants, travel agencies,
>> etc, so that the FBI could have the power to read your mail and more
>> with a self-written search warrant that isn't required to go to a
>> judge.  They buried it in an innocuous-sounding document and hoped that
>> nobody would read it because of the other things happening in the news.
> I don't know; Bush has proven himself slimy enough that nothing
> surprises me that he has done, or might do.
>> Question.  Who is the candidate running for President this year who
>> appears to be the one who opposes this kind of crap?
> I'm not comfortable with a lot of Ron Paul's political philosophy, but
> I'd be willing to bet that he would actively oppose this kind of crap.
> Dennis Kucinich, too.
> Having said that, I still currently intend to cast my vote for Barack 
> Obama.
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