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And this, Andreas, is a masterful reply.  Thank you.

Now, I can hear our Kirk pals exclaim in horror that none of these represented actions committed by people truly transformed by the Spirit of God within them.  I'd agree.  Then I'd ask them to acknowledge that Islamofascism isn't what most Muslims believe, approve of, or participate in.  Here, we'd likely disagree.  Then I'd ask the Wilsonites if they would consider thinking long and hard about the teachings and distortions, the character and the conduct, of their leaders, whose wrongdoing hardly needs genocide behind it to be roundly and robustly condemned by others around them.  

At this point they'd suggest that I ask my husband for greater understanding, call me a moonbat Intolerista, and come up with other silly ways to use "Mix" in describing me.  And I?

Well, there's that thing about acting in a way that produces fruit that confirms the character of people truly transformed by the Spirit of God within them . . . 

God is good.  Sometimes God's followers -- and that includes me -- act atrociously.  They often get to because no one takes them to task -- not in the church, not outside of it.  I'm thankful for background on the Kirk, pray that what we see posted here is accurate, ask for wisdom in  confronting it, and renew my commitment to speak out against bigotry in 2008 and beyond.  How I'd love to be joined by the mighty men of Anselm House.


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> On Dec 28, 2007 6:51 PM, g. crabtree <jampot at roadrunner.com> wrote:
> > ...religious fundamentalists--Christian, Muslim,
> > Buddhist--are one of the greatest dangers that the human race faces...
> >
> >  Doug Wilson...is neck deep in the type of
> > doctrines that drive religious fanaticism...
> >
> > Wilson is largely responsible for the split we now experience in our
> > community...
> >
> > A few questions if I may:
> >
> > 1. Of all the deaths caused by religous fundamentalists in the, how many
> > were caused by Christians? How many of the victims were Christian? Please
> > try and contain your answer to the last two centurys, please.
> Okay. Sure.
> We'll leave out Catholic complicity and assistance in the fascist
> regimes of Franco and Mussolini. We can omit the Christian war against
> the native peoples of the Americas as well, because you're either
> going to cast that as 'not that bad', an ethnic conflict, or
> inevitable. This is where Western Europeans rack up the majority of
> their atrocities. If you like, we can  leave out the religious aspect
> of colonialism altogether--though that was indisputably more murderous
> than any other fundamentalist movement of the past two centuries.
> Let's start with the Catholic/Protestant split in Ireland. Add to that
> the Catholic Croat/Orthodox Serbs/Muslim Armenian internecine warfare
> in the Balkans. Tack on the Christian Phalange in Lebanon, responsible
> for the Sabra and Shatila massacres, among others. Hong Xiuquan and
> the Taipeng rebellion. The Lord's Resistance Army of Sudan. God's Army
> in Thailand and Burma.
> Western Europe, the area with which you would be most familiar, lacks
> recent atrocities largely because previous atrocities were largely
> successful at exterminating other religious groups.
> > 2.How many of those unfortunate occourances were/are attributable to Wilson?
> None. Wilson is in the business of excusing past atrocities, as he
> lacks the power to create fresh ones.
> > 3.What is it you suggest should be done to curb the murderous rampage that
> > is causing this horrifying rift in the community, aside from spending an
> > excrusiating amount of time being tortured at  www.class.uidaho.edu/ngier?
> Starving Wilson's church to death using all powers short of state coercion.
> Hope that helps.
> -- ACS
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