[Vision2020] Attendees At UN Climate Conference PayForConference Associated CO2 Emissions

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The carbon trading markets that were involved in off setting the CO2
emissions for the UN Climate Change Conference delegates that I posted
information about are in Europe, not the USA.  I don't doubt that
there are scams involved in this area of economic activity, just as in
every business sector, from apples to zerox.

Here is an interesting discussion of the EU emissions trading system,
mentioned in the article I posted to start this thread.  This system
is a work in progress, and no one expects such efforts to work
miracles at first:


Vision2020 Post: Ted Moffett

On Dec 11, 2007 9:21 AM, Kai Eiselein, editor <editor at lataheagle.com> wrote:
> Carbon Credits: Scam operated by Wall Street types, to make money off of
> polluters who want to clean up their public image without actually having to
> DO anything to reduce the pollutants they generate and offset providers who
> purport to reduce emmisions in return for cash.
> However, the number of middlemen involved makes profiting from reducing
> gasses  difficult at best, so don't plan on making money from it with your
> apple orchard.
> AKA "The Feel Good, Do Nothing Scam"
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> > Nick
> > I would encourage the use of tele conferences wherever possible. CALS
> > does a fairly good job of this. Most conferences  associated with
> > government agencies could do this. As for political parties, most
> > individuals do not have the necessary equipment to make this practical. If
> > they did I would favor it.
> > I hope you enjoyed your trip and good luck on your book
> > Roger
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> >> Hi Roger,
> >>
> >> Will you encourage your Republican colleagues to buy carbon credits to
> >> attend their convention next summer, or should they all stay at home and
> >> nominate their candidate from their computers?
> >>
> >> Not a good idea, because climate delegates have to be together personally
> >> just as political convention delegates do.
> >>
> >> Nick Gier
> >>

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