[Vision2020] "Not On The Palouse, Not Ever" Update #81

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Sun Dec 9 08:20:34 PST 2007

"Not On The Palouse, Not Ever" Update #81 consists of a link to:

"The Presbyterian Church in America, The Louisiana Presbytery, and Teaching
Elder Steven Wilkins"


In 2006 it was suspected that sermons administered by Teaching Elder (TE)
Steven Wilkins of the Auburn Avenue Church in Monroe, Louisiana, were not in
keeping with Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) standards.  As a result of
these suspicions, the PCA ordered that an investigation be conducted by the
Louisiana Presbytery into these allegations.  Subsequent to the findings of
the Louisiana Presbytery's investigation, it was further suspected that the
methods applied by the Louisiana Presbytery, in conducting this
investigation were not sufficiently thorough and that the
findings/recommendations were suspect.  A complaint was then filed by a
member of the PCA against the Louisiana Presbytery.

This article will continue to be updated as more materials become available.

This article may also be accessed from the last entry in the group titled
"5.  Steven Wilkins, Auburn Avenue Church, and the League of the South" at:


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